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I am sorry to disapoint my dear “fans”, but I didn’t go for any Nikon D7000. I wish I could afford for one… So, according to what I could afford and what I wanted to do with the camera, I took home a Canon EOS550D with the basic lens 18-55mm.


Well… when I make the duel between the two cameras, mine is by far the one who loses. Watch this

But if you compare my old camera with my new one, see the result

Basically, what I wanted was to drop my “amateur” camera and get a “pro” one, even if not that good (which I admit that it isn’t such a big gun, but it’s the best I think I could get with a limited budget) since I am starting to make some real money with photography and I see that there are definately things that …

Soyuz landing

For all of you out there that are photo addicted, click over here:

This is a link to a new at the on-line edition of a portuguese newspaper called Jornal de Notícias (“News journal” in a literal translation). There is not much to read, but a spetacular photo gallery about the latest landing of the Soyuz (a spacecraft initially designed for the Soviet space programme by the Korolyov Design Bureau in the 1960s, and still in service today).

The photos are absolutely worth to see. For those who can’t any portuguese at all, just click on the grey button inside of the black box that says “seguinte”.

My favourites are photos nº1, nº2, nº4 and nº7.

The spacecraft landed today (22-11-2011) in Kazakhstan.

Lanzarote & Fuerteventura Exhibitions

For those who “follow” me +/- often (if I can say it this way) know that I am preparing two exhibitions with the motto “Lanzarote & Fuerteventura”. Because they were two, and running almost at the same time, I decided to call them “Lanzarote & Fuerteventura – Side A” and “Lanzarote & Fuerteventura – Side B”, in a kind of a revival of the old vinyl LP’s or the good old music tapes.

The exhibitions are about my 18 moth life experience in both islands (Lanzarote and Fuertevetura are two Spanish islands at the African coast) – The places i’ve seen, been and experienced.

So, therefore, if it happens that you are here/planning to come here(what are the odds? :) ), don’t forget to visit “Lanzaro…

Hey, what's up?

It’s been a while since I’ve been here often. A lot have been happening that has been “sucking up” all my spare time. I guess that it is not so easy to combine old job with new job, kid, moving to a new house, meetings, and 3 exhibitions, all at the same time…

For all this, I would like to apologize to you if you have been posting some comments in my artwork and by chance I didn’t answered back. There was a very good reason!

Well, I’m back now! Not in 100%, but maybe 40%. After this complicated month everything will go back to “normal”…

Nevertheless, I hope you keep on enjoying my artwork!

"You cannot add more than 100 works"

“You cannot add more than 100 works” – This message appeared on my edit portfolio RB page when I tried to add my most recent feature to the “Featured works” gallery. Apparently I have 100 photos there.

But why does this limit exists?? Did anybody else had this problem before?? What’s the problem in having a gallery with more than 100 photos in there?? Is there any solution for this??

This appears to be just one more of those things about RB that nobody (not even them!) can explain… What’s the point of having a limit on a gallery??

Somebody has any answers??

Thanks in advance!


My first calendar!

Time will tell if i’m just another brick in the wall or not!

I have made my first calendar, so go on, check it out and buy it! eheheh

The calendar is about the island of Lanzarote where I lived for about 6 months of my life in the years of 2008/2009. The island is part of the Canary archipelago which has other more famous islands like Gran Canaria or Tenerife. Though the islands have a regionl government (autonomous region), the archipelago is part of the Spanish Kingdom.

The photos are mainly from the north of the island, not because I don’t have photos from anywhere else but because the photos from the south would need a legal authorization to be sold (release forms – which I don’t have) due to the many locals that are protected by law. Though, with those photos …

KONSTRAKAN2011 - The final balance

It’s done! My first exhibition ever is done… But before the final balance, here is a description:

In the swedish city of Tranås the city’s culture department organized an art event that gathered more than 100 different artists in the main street of the city and some main city buildings, like the railway station, library, etc. Together they were forming a 3km (nearly 2 miles) of art exhibition for one day – the 27th of August. Basically I felt more like being in a big art market then in an art exhibition. Imagine a traditional market where people go to buy groceries, but instead of groceries there was handcraft, sculpture, painting and photography! There was some serious things over there…

I am very proud to say that among the thousands of aplications from all…

One more candy in this amazing adventure... (Konstrakan 2011)

I have great news!

I just recieved a letter saying that I was selected to take part in an amazing art exhibition that is going to take part on the 27th of this month (August 2011) in Tranås (Sweden)! And it is not just amazing because I’m in it! How is this so special or amazing then?? The city is not even very big or famous, but what we are talking about here is a national event that takes place in the main street and main buildings of the city (like the train station, cultural center, hospital, etc), gathering artists from all over the country!

The art is exhibited on the street like if it would be a very big market. Each artist has it’s own table and exibhition stand for his/her artwork. In total, it’s 3km (nearly 2 miles) of all kinds of art work to appreciate and bu…


Dear users/followers/fans:

For those who don’t know, there is a sugestions page where people can sugest new ideas and/or vote for ideas already sugested. Theoretically Redbubble should take the most voted ideas and put them on the field. At least, this is what makes more sense…

I have created two ideas, and voted for other two that I find just great! Therefore, this journal entry is like an invitation (from me to all of you) for you to go there and vote or insert a new votation for instance.

Let me just give you a short description of the ideas that I voted for/created, and explain why are they so important:

1) Block Member Function: Who from all of us already didn’t wish this website would have a “blocking other member” function? A simple click on the button…

You know what they say...

Have you ever heard the saying “A bad new never comes alone”? Well, I can only tell you all that it is very much true! Despite it hapened many times before in my life, this week was the first time that a bad new came along with a very good one!

I started this week last Tuesday (yes, Monday was a holiday here in Sweden, hurray!!) at work with a very bad luck strike. Not only i fell while working, but as well I broke two fingers on my right hand while falling. Guys, I have never brake any bone of my body before, and if you never did as well, I can tell you: IT IS NOT FUNNY!!! The pain was so strong that I couldn’t stay upp and I almost fainted. And we are talking about two fingers, I don’t even want to imagine how it would be with two legs…

Back home from the h…

Well, well, well... (Euphoria)

Who would say? Just a few e-mails and a small “show case” of some of my works were enough to book a whole month of exposition at the Gnosjö city library show room!

My first exposition… I am incredibly glad!!! I’m absolutely overjoyed!!!

So, from the 9th of November to the 9th of December the show room is all mine…

I still haven’t decided what am I going to have for a theme in the exposition, but I have until August to do it, so we will see about this (I already have a few ideas)… For sure that is not going to be a problem! They enjoyed my portfolio so much that they let me have absolute freedom over the exposition’s theme as long as it is “safe for children” besides that they gave me a whole month just for me!!

But the most impor…

Hold Still (for photo & music lovers!)

I am sure that for almost all of you the name “David Fonseca” is completely meaningless. Still today i’m writting to talk about him and his work.

David Fonseca is a portuguese musician/singer/song writer/photographer. Resuming, he is an artist… Oh and what an artist I must tell you! Not all might like his songs, but the truth is that since 1998, because of him and his band – Silence 4 – portuguese music panorama would change radically to better.

After two albums with Silence 4, he releases his first solo album in 2003 taking his carrer to a new level. In 2005 with his second solo album – Our hearts will beat as one – he releases his new single “Hold Still” with the colaboration of Rita Redshoes, another emerging portuguese singer…

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