Making a stand...

There are times in one’s life where we have to make a stand and define where we are. To me, this is one of those moments. I am so sick and tired of people that spoil RB! I am talking about people who tend to act like if this is their own kindgom or mafia, and everyone has to play by their rules… It’s a very childish and anoying atiutude! Recently came out a post on the group “The World As We See It , or as we missed it” on which one of the hosts call pathetic to users (like me) that for any reason don’t go around commenting other’s works. Therefore – according to his law – he would be giving “orders” to the other hosts not to feature works from people who don’t comment on other people’s works.

This made my lid jump off…

I posted an answer, though a bold one, not a rude one (in my understanding). Here was the answer (if you don’t want to read it, jump to the end of this post where I make my conclusion):

“Well well… ain’t that a kick in the head?

* Fisrt off, let me tell you who I am: I am one of these pathetic people who only comment when I am featured.

* Second, let me tell you some facts:

RB is a great place. You get to know a lot of people and exchange experiences and if you’re smart, you will learn a lot and evolute as an artist, weather it is a full time occupation or a hobby (my case). But if there is one thing that PISSES ME OFF, that thing is those who go around the whole day long commenting and faving other people’s works without any kind of criteria, just to drag visits, comments and faves to their profiles. Most of the times, those people have a crap portfolio! But, they’re “famous”! Which is also why I never won a challenge in RB, but that’s another story… Anyway, this year I decided as a new year resolution that I would stop playing those people’s game and remove them from my watch list and invest more time and atention in myself instead, due to they stoped commenting my portfolio after I started to comment their work in a regular basis. Guess what was the reaction of ALL of them? They came back to comment in my portfolio… Some gave up, some are still doing it!

The point is: I am not going to comment on something that I don’t feel that I have to comment. I will comment when I feel that I want/need to comment! I trully believe that an artist should be recongnized by the quality of their work and NOT by the PR the he/she is doing!! I don’t do it (go around and commenting everything) as a full time occupation! And speaking of wich (full time occupation) – and the other reason why I comment only when I am featured – I am not retired, I do actually have a paid job! A full time paid job that covers my bills at the end of the month! Is that a crime? I don’t think so! I also have a family, and I also sell on other 5 web sites, where by the way, I sell at least 10 times more there than here on RB! Just in the last month I took 50 US$from FOTOLIA!

So, forgive me if I don’t have so much time to spend here and commenting on everything, but like others have already said, at the end of the day, this is your group and it is you who do the rules. So, if you want to stop featuring people for the quality of their work to start to feature them for the “participation” instead, well, that is up to you! You just go down a few steps into my consideration… I allways though that a professional photographer would think that a person should be recognized by the quality of his/hers work and NOT by spending the whole day here commenting and faving…

I’m sorry, but this shaked me a bit… And this was so far my favourite group (just check on my profile and you’ll see how much I have there dedicated to this group)….

BTW, I am not pathetic! At least would be nice to show some respect"

End of answer.

What was the result?? The message was deleted and I was kicked out from the group. Not even an answer, not even one counter argument, a reason, a rational thought, nothing, zero!

Conclusion? Unfortunately this only confirms what I say lately. In the biggest part of RB you are only recognized by how much you lick the back side of the others and not for how good is your work! And RB is filled with examples of this. I see so many people that have very poor portfolios but have an incredible ammount of visits, comments and faves, while prople who have excellent works have their portfolios almost empty of recognition. Lately as a host in 2 groups, I had the chance to take contact with even more people that find themselves in that sad situation… Many of you who I follow in my watch list are on this situation! When I comment someone’s work, I do it because I want, I find that work some how amazing and above all, I HAVE TIME FOR IT!

So, now, I would like to have an honest answer from you who have read this. Am I the one who is being stupid here? Shouldn’t people be recognized by their work and not by their S licking capacity? Should one be punished because one decide to dedicate more time to work, other web sites (that give more profit) and family?

Here’s the thread by the way


  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williamsover 1 year ago

    " I will comment when I feel that I want/need to comment! "

    I agree with you and this statement Joao! I do not expect people who follow me to comment on or like every single item I post on RB……thats just ridiculous!! Why would they?? I like you comment when I a) like a work and b) have the time to do so!

    Whilst I love looking at other peoples work for ideas and inspiration, I also have a full time job and children who have after school activities…..not to mention all the homework!! So spending hours in front of the computer commenting on every piece of work in a group is a BIG no no!! And if that is what is required to get a feature or win a challenge in the group, I would rather not be there!!!!! I am a member of many groups, but more often than not, do not post any works in them. I do however enjoy browsing through them to look at other peoples work!

    Would we not rather have an honest comment our work than someone just posting in the hope that you will comment back on their work?

    And no I do not think that you are being stupid or “pathetic” and to just to kick you out of the group without even an answer – childish and rude!

  • Yes, my kid is too young to have after school activities but he needs to have some one with him the whole time. No way I am going to leave my family behind because of commenting some posts or works of a group, no matter what group it is! Full stop!! Besides, like I already said, it is time that I can spend on improving my knowledge about photography, shooting, eating ice cream with my son, contacting a client, working, etc…

    Thanks so much Mark for your support and feedback! Feels good to know that I am not going bonkers after all…

    – João Figueiredo

  • ♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey
    ♥⊱ B. Randi Ba...over 1 year ago

    Interesting…you make some good points. I don’t mind carrying on a short “virtual” relationship with a nice artist who supports my work. But, it is short and sweet, and not why I am here on RB. Also, when I comment, it may be from any chance viewing of someone’s work; where I get that little intake of breath…where someone really provided me with a beautiful experience through their artwork. And then i go to their profile, and never put them on my watchlist unless I find three artworks that are superb. However, i try to answer all the comments on my work; although I can be mightily slow responding sometimes.

    I hope that as you find this happy medium, RB can become what you want it to be. What work I comment on, etc, is certainly my own business. And making a good piece of art certainly takes time, and that time cannot be wasted with going around making false comments.

  • “I don’t mind carrying on a short “virtual” relationship with a nice artist who supports my work. But, it is short and sweet, and not why I am here on RB.” – that is exactly the purpose with a social network like RB! People can have short friendships with other artists, get to exchange experiences and grow as artists, increasing like this the quality of their work. Very well said Randi! And off course, the ideal is when people answer to all the comments others do on our work (that I allways do), but what happens if you get popular and you get tons of those? Are you going to stop meeting with clients and producing your art to answer to all comments? “RB can become what you want it to be. What work I comment on, etc, is certainly my own business.” – what more can I say?? You say it all here in this sentence… Thanks so much for your feedback Randi! Trully appreciated!!

    – João Figueiredo

  • MotherNature
    MotherNatureover 1 year ago

    I agree that we should be commenting on what we feel is, in our eyes, superb work. I’ve commented on the works of others who are featured with me, but, honestly, I think it is better to only give kudos where we feel it is warranted. I love RB and the folks here but I, too, (although retired) have a busy “real life”. My purpose here is to learn, grow, and show my pictures. I am not prideful and do not expect people to come by and heap praise on everything I do – that would be foolish.

    We would all be better served if we featured works because they are exceptional, commented because a work touches something in our hearts and minds. I enjoy the folks I’ve met here and love most of their art, but I don’t have time to live on RB.

    I feel you are correct, Joao, in saying our priorities are askew in many cases.

    I now will join pariah status with you:>)

  • I am sorry, I didn’t want to say that every one who is retired has nothing better to do… My point was to aim for a very specific group of people that are “nested” in certain groups (like that one) that are retired and have nothing better to do with their lifes. That host is one of them! And we all know what happens to people who don’t have nothing to do, they get bonkers and then their insanity is quite perceptible in actions like these: they think that everyone has their life, their time… Off course that there are exceptions, it’s not because you are in retirement that you get to be automatically some one like this or like that… Hope I have clarified this and you don’t get upset with me…

    “My purpose here is to learn, grow, and show my pictures. I am not prideful and do not expect people to come by and heap praise on everything I do – that would be foolish.We would all be better served if we featured works because they are exceptional, commented because a work touches something in our hearts and minds. I enjoy the folks I’ve met here and love most of their art, but I don’t have time to live on RB.” – I couldn’t have written better!!

    – João Figueiredo

  • Donna19
    Donna19over 1 year ago

    I don’t think any of this stupid in anyway Joao. I am here to grow as an artist like some of the others. I comment and fave because of the mutual support that we share here. I think to encourage each other is one of the reasons we gravitate to art sites. I understand your offense at being called pathetic and I feel like it was uncalled for and an unfortunate use of words. I host two groups and often feel sad that others in the group don’t show the support to their fellow group members by leaving the one comment on the overall features page. Having said that I do feel that it can be overwhelming at times with the number of messages coming out of this particular group. I don’t catch them all. It can be time intensive to comment and fave but no one would want you to do so if it wasn’t sincere so be true to what you feel, I hope they would understand. It is unfortunate you feel hurt by this and unfortunate you did not receive a response. I hope you will, it is the right thing. I don’t like to think any group would rewrite the rules and kick people off without a fair discussion first and without anger. It is a good group with heart in that they feature everyone in order to encourage them to continue to create. I think this latest posting may have been counter productive to the creation of the group.

  • “I think to encourage each other is one of the reasons we gravitate to art sites.” – point taken! I couldn’t agree more! I grew up so much since I joined RB tahnks to others support and tips… but in my understanding that has to come in a volutary and honest way! You say that it is time intensive to see and comment all, I say it is above all, time consuming! Time that I can spend on doing something else like… eating ice cream with my son, learning some new photo techinque, working, shooting, contacting a client, etc… I don’t think I will ever recieve a response Donna, he never liked much of people who think differently from him, I have witenessed it many times… Unfortunately it is the way it is… Thans so much Donna for leaving your feedback! Couldn’t be more appreciated for it!!

    – João Figueiredo

  • Charlie Mclenahan
    Charlie Mclenahanover 1 year ago

    O dear, every now and again a host will post something like this. Yes comments are lovely to read, but to be orderd to comment …this is so out of order.. Think I would have just left the group slamming the door behind me ..

  • Agen I am Latin… I boil in cold water… LOL but yes, all this can be resumed to one of your sentences: “this is so out of order..”… Thanks so much for your support and feedback Agen!!

    – João Figueiredo

  • Laurie Search
    Laurie Searchover 1 year ago

    Hmmm. I think he took out the word “pathetic”, which is good. Yes, I completely get where you’re coming from, Joao. I know that most people do have “regular” jobs that they need to go to, and they have family issues, maybe health issues…just LIFE, which doesn’t always allow some to be on here much, and certainly not enough to go through every group they’re in and comment on all the work there…I’m on here a lot, and even I can’t do that. I agree with you, too, that it would be great if everyone received comments and faves only when someone thinks their work is excellent….although I also feel like it’s nice to be able to give support to even those that you maybe don’t feel have excellent work…I don’t know…I think it’s sort of a fine line. I also don’t want to, and won’t, completely lie and say I love something if I don’t. I, too, have seen some artists whose portfolios are fantastic, but there are no comments or only a couple….but the problem is…if you’re not active on here, for whatever reason, people simply can’t find you! So I’m sure those people just don’t have the time or ability to be on here much. But then how does their portfolio get stumbled upon? You know what I mean? I don’t know the answer! (Obviously, lol!) I also don’t think that one should be punished in any way for not being able to make x amount of comments. Anyway, I hope this made sense…And so…, you’re not being stupid or pathetic, Joao!!!!! :)))

  • Hello Laurie! Thanks so much for giving me some feedback before anything else… Yeah, like you say, each one of us has a life beyond RB and no one can demand from users to comment in one or another way or ammount. Each one should do exactly the way and how much they want/can. In what matters to “marketing our work”, I see you point, I also thought about that, but I will give you 3 examples of 3 people who are on my watch list (whithout wanting to disregard others, just random examples) that achieved success not by commenting and faving without any criteria, but by producing work with the finest quality: Valerie Rosen, © Janis Zroback and Philip Johnson. I’m not talking about people who made success in their tea group but true success. People who actually live of their art and never needed to promiscually fave and comment. Why? Because they got recognition due to their talent! Of course Laurie, it is nice to give some support to people who need some improvement or support, I do trully agree, but that just goes torwards what I said: “I will comment when I feel that I want/need to comment!” and not because I want to be featured!… Sad story I think…

    – João Figueiredo

  • Laurie Search
    Laurie Searchover 1 year ago

    In your examples, you forgot to mention this person ……LOL!!! Just playing, my friend!!!! :))))

  • ahahahahahah :) well played! :) BTW, I forgot to mention that I have this person that from time to time bombards my portfolio with copy/paste comments that are just not the same in all my commented shots but as well in all the other people’s shots… You see what I mean, where I want to get?

    – João Figueiredo

  • Laurie Search
    Laurie Searchover 1 year ago

    Hee hee :)))) But yes, I completely know what you mean, Joao!! I get where you’re coming from!! :))

  • MotherNature
    MotherNatureover 1 year ago

    Oh, no, Joao, I wasn’t upset at your reference to retired – not at all. I was merely saying even as a retired person I’m busy – too busy for such silliness as spending my life on the computer! You are exactly right – if comments and faves are given out willy nilly, they mean nothing. I am so sorry this person was so rude and unprofessional towards you; I feel they should have had contact and tried to address your concerns. You are able to rise above it, I’m sure:>) Guess who’s the better man:>)

  • Trully thankful!!

    – João Figueiredo

  • 242Digital
    242Digitalover 1 year ago

    That’s simply a ridiculous attitude João and it doesn’t desserve to get you “boiling on cold water” for BS like that. I understand perfectly your feeling as I had, in a recent past, some experience there too but there are enough nice and friendly people around to not loose time with the first kind.

    Forget these BS and move on my friend… By keeping the frustrations and attitudes of others right up on the fire, you are hurting more yourself.

    By the way and because, me either, I’m not always available for commenting on everyone’s work I really enjoy… I take this opportunity to tell you I really do enjoy and appreciate your work ;-)

  • Thanks Jeremy!! I guess you are right… BS is the right name for this… Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback! Couldn’t be more appreciated….

    – João Figueiredo