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The 9 eyes project

For all of you who don’t know who Jon Rafman is, here are two good presentations of himself made by himself:


Short bio

About Jon Rafman and the “9 eyes” project I can tell you that Jon Rafman had this most brilliant idea:

To make art with Google Street View

You don’t get it? Simple. Have you ever surfed on Google Earth and just for the fun tried to go into the Street View and check how some determined place looks like seen from the ground? Probably not many of you did that, but for the ones who did, have you never found something that for some reason made your eyes feel “stuck” on into what you were watching?

If your answer is “no” for all of these questions, then you really have to go and check out the “9 eyes” project. Basically what Jon Rafman did was surf on the Street View worldwide and capture the most amazing “views/photos”. The rawness and the “wow factor” of some images is so big that it makes me think that he is probably the artist of the decade. Just imagine how much work and dedication he had, surfing on Street View for months, maybe years, discover the whole world and save the best “photos”. Not only street photography was made, there are all kinds of situations, from the most amazingly “normal” to the most exotic, but all of them absolutely stunning!

I don’t really know how to describe better this project that got it’s name from the device that Google Street View cars use (to capture the images) that is formed by 9 cameras.

Maybe this sounds completely crazy at your “ears”, but if it is so, than you really need to check it out and you will find out that I’m not that crazy after all!

Here is the direct link: http://9-eyes.com/

Have fun over there, you won’t regret the time spent…

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