I am sorry to disapoint my dear “fans”, but I didn’t go for any Nikon D7000. I wish I could afford for one… So, according to what I could afford and what I wanted to do with the camera, I took home a Canon EOS550D with the basic lens 18-55mm.


Well… when I make the duel between the two cameras, mine is by far the one who loses. Watch this

But if you compare my old camera with my new one, see the result

Basically, what I wanted was to drop my “amateur” camera and get a “pro” one, even if not that good (which I admit that it isn’t such a big gun, but it’s the best I think I could get with a limited budget) since I am starting to make some real money with photography and I see that there are definately things that Mrs Olympus SP560 simply couldn’t do!

The next step is to buy a better lens… or maybe not! :)

Thanks for the advice you all!!

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