It finally happened!

It looks like that after 3 years Redbubble has found me…

Right here, last shot on the left corner…


  • Donna Keevers Driver
    Donna Keevers ...10 months ago

    :D I can feel you excitement from here! :D

    How fabulous! Congratulations, João.

  • Thanks, it is really nice of you but to be truthful, I am not excited… It is very nice to “be found”, but I don’t even think it is the best shot I have, not even on the top 20… so I don’t really understand their choice, perhaps it is just my personal taste… My personal opinion is that if I am to be “found” by someone, I want to be found due to my best shots… Sorry if I sound too rude or arrogant, not like that, I just don’t understand… would be nice to know why did they chose that one in specific…

    – João Figueiredo

  • Albert
    Albert10 months ago

    Yes, it’s strange how RB pick out art work to display João ………..I’ve have art work sold and displayed and it’s never my best work that are sold or displayed.

  • I asked for some “light”, let’s see if they are going to give it to me… :)

    – João Figueiredo

  • But I can’t hide that I feel a bit frustrated, the theme of the blog post is: Nordic-inspired Photography. I don’t claim I am world’s best photographer, but I have so much better than that one… hard to fit in my mind… :/

    – João Figueiredo

  • Donna Keevers Driver
    Donna Keevers ...10 months ago

    You don’t sound rude. :) And I understand. x

  • Cheers

    – João Figueiredo

  • GardenTripod
    GardenTripod10 months ago

    Congratulations Joao, it’s good to be found … If you want to be found .. Will drive more viewers to your work .. Next thing you will be getting the big voucher for your group ( I hope)

  • ahahahah…. voucher for the group… lol It would be nice, nut I am not counting on that… just working for a better group, allways! Thanks Agen! :)

    – João Figueiredo

  • Guendalyn
    Guendalyn10 months ago


  • thanks

    – João Figueiredo

  • kalaryder
    kalaryder10 months ago

    It’s good to be ‘found’
    Well done anyway

  • Thank you so much kalaryder!

    – João Figueiredo

  • MotherNature
    MotherNature10 months ago

    So happy for you, Joao!

  • Thanks MotherNature! Very much appreciated!

    – João Figueiredo

  • Kasia-D
    Kasia-D10 months ago

    I tried to follow the link above this morning from my Smartphone but couldn’t find your shot (I’d already searched for one when I saw the RB theme but missed your shot sorry.)

    Re best shots, being “found”. I understand how you feel. You capture a shot which your rate highly technically point of view (light, composition, depth of field, whatever). It was a unique or unusual situation capturing the motif, etc. etc. You are proud of it and it gets little feedback. Others get applauded. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes.
    My decision is to upload what I think is good and not to delete again if it doesn’t get accolades in any way from RB, groups of buddies. 50% of my sales are those works. And even if it is just a postcard, it verifies that someone agrees on my technique, composition and post-pro. They are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on it!

  • Yannik Hay
    Yannik Hay9 months ago

    This is awesome Joao, I’m very pleased for you. This is greatly deserved :)