Brookfield, Australia

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My first camera as a teenager in around 1976 was the Russian unbreakable Zenit E and that brought me to my first passion for photography. I had a few lenses and used a mixture of negatives and slides.

A couple of years later I bought a Yaschia FXD Quartz and purchased about three lenses to go with it. This kit brought me many years of enjoyment which concluded in 2000 after a 3 month trip around Australia, when digital was in it’s infancy.

In June 2011 I purchased my first digital SLR which immediately re- ignited that passion that had layed almost dormant for the past decade.

I expect that in time I will develop a passion for a particular aspect of photography, but at the moment I enjoy taking photographs across a broad range of subjects.

I derive great enjoyment from the pictures that I take and hope that occasionally someone else experiences a similar pleasure.

I have already spent many hours looking at the most wonderful work here on Red Bubble, which inspire me in many and varied ways. (A work in progress…..)

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