Jon Wyns “5669” is a artist and a mc. He like to draw, graffiti, rap and chill out. Some of his art work are around Baltimore, MD (Graffiti Alley) and Breezewood, PA (Abandoned Turnpike). 5669 enjoy enjoy art work and love to show his work to other.

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How it started... Pg. 1

It all started at the age 5. I saw a piece of paper, with a pencil right next to it. I was a child, and I was bored. I pick up the pencil and started doodling on the blank paper. I was enjoying it, made thing that no one could see or understand or think about. At first it was horrible, but I as I grew up, I had to understand that being a artist took time. So for so many years, I gotten better, I …
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