Why do good guys always finish last? Those of us cursed with endless benevolence can’t compare to those blessed with never ending malevolence. They’ll do anything to get ahead. While we’re following the rules they’re bending them to see how far they go until the break. We can never identify their true identity because their lies are sweet and slippery. Life isn’t about truth it’s about perception and how you turn it in your favor. People are stupid, they’ll believe something to be true because they want it to be or the fear it might. And in this world of little meaning, all we are is fools. A plague of fools. Even if we still try to help it may still end in ruin. The worst of calamities can come form the best of aims. Vengeance can only cause harm form whence it came. You’ll only have yourself to blame, if you choose out of spite to play this game. But as long as you keep your head on straight you’ll keep your way, reason over passion not the other way. Most of us have done the reverse at least once today, following our dreams without watching where were walking can only end in our dismay. Are you sure that the game of life is what you want to play?

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