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Drawing Prompts

Recently I have been having a bit of an art block. It has been horrendous. So i looked on the internet for drawing ideas and i found this on Tumblr.

1. A non-human cyborg (part machine, part anything not human)
2. A creature from Wikipedia’s list of legendary creatures starting with the first letter of your name.
3. An original child superhero (no bb ironman)
4. An anime character in a realistic style ✔
5. BADASS DRAGON (has to cover two pages)
6. A character from a strange perspective
7. A comic
8. A video game character in a completely different video game setting
9. A hybrid of an animal and an inanimate object
10. Environment
11. Alien Landscape
12. Medieval vehicle based off of a modern one
13. A dancer ✔
14. A picture only using shapes
15. A super detailed character or environment drawing on a sticky note
16. A character or face using only solid black or white
17. A spider arm wrestling a kangaroo
18. Design a pokeball
19. An extinct animal
20. A pun
21. Draw something so it looks like a stained glass design

So far have only done four and thirteen. Nineteen to go!

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