Sterling Heights, United States

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I’m Jone and I like art and writing. The pronunciation of my name is quite simple. Jonas – as + eh = Jone!

  • Age: 21
  • Joined: June 2010


Drawing Prompts

Recently I have been having a bit of an art block. It has been horrendous. So i looked on the internet for drawing ideas and i found this on Tumblr. / 1. A non-human cyborg (part machine, part anything not human) / 2. A creature from Wikipedia’s list of legendary creatures starting with the first letter of your name. / 3. An original child superhero (no bb ironman) / 4. An anime char…
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Economics of the banana

Today at lunch I bought a banana for 50¢; at first I thought “Fifty cents, sweet, I’m buying a banana!” Then I realized bananas cost like 75¢ a pound. That’s kind of a rip-off right? / Thinking about this further I realize that schools probably get discounts for food and they most likely buy in bulk so let’s say 50¢ a pound. So, why so much for one banana? / Profit is the answer. The school is pr…
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