It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

Great week to you all & some exciting features!

Oh wow…..another exciting week kicked off on the bubble!

JPG Cast-Offs has a double feature up of a couple pieces Small Blessings Count & This Note’s For You!

Thank you so much to the refugee group moderators & other JPGer Cast Off artists, great things going on in this group, check them out by clicking JPG Cast-Offs above. Thank you also to fellow red bubble artist blamo for collaborating on “This Note’s For You”. Always rockin’ fun to collaborate with you!

A thank you as well must go out to the hosts of 1:1 With Celebrities. My Sweet Love is a featured amongst the group’s work & I just learned they’ve made me a featured artist-member. What a wonderful honor. Thank you very much!

Lots of exciting news kicking off the week! Woo-hooo! !

Have a great week everyone!

- Jolie

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  • Linda Ridpath
  • © Jolie  Buchanan
  • blamo
  • blamo
  • © Jolie  Buchanan
  • Valerie Anne Kelly
  • © Jolie  Buchanan
  • MichaelTravis
  • © Jolie  Buchanan