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I’m a passionate photographer, and like to photograph anything and everything that catches my eye.
Born in Poland (Sopot), was living over 25 years in Germany, and then sailing for 7 years in the Pacific, finally settled in Quebec, Canada. Because of my travels, I had the opportunity to capture a host of images from a different parts of the globe. From 2010 until now all images are shot in RAW format.
Hope you enjoy the works I have uploaded. Please feel free to give me your comments and suggestions as I believe that is an excellent way to improve our skills and also learn new ones.
I am happy to create Calendars using any of my pictures of your choosing. You can contact me directly for contract work or customization, or if you have any questions:

All images here RedBubble can print / frame in various formats and send to the purchaser. Watermarks visible on the images will of course NOT appear on a final print! Below are some examples of my works:

Please note, all my images are subject to © copyright by Jola Martysz. Any publication, reproduction, modification, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited. All rights reserved.

See my work in VaVoom’s, A Tribute to Women, sponsored by Solo Exhibition

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A new sale! Thank you!

I’ve just made a sale! Thank you so much to the generous buyer who appreciated my work enough to get this iPhone Case/Skin:
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Thank you to the unknown buyer. / I have sold 2 greeting cards:
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Sold 2 travel mugs of “Samana (Dominican Republic)”: / Thank you to the buyer :-)
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My new sale

Sold a mug with my photo Colibri – My Summer Visitor to an unknown buyer yesterday. Thanks whoever you are, very much appreciated. / Jola
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