Jo Nijenhuis

Hoorn, Netherlands

Hello I am Jo and you are Welcome. My Artist Name Jokus means, that my Art is signed with a Kiss (kus) from Me (Jo)

A Boring Email .....?

A Boring Email ….. not boring at all ….. when you read this!
You’ve just made a sale on RedBubble! Your work was so brilliant that someone showed their appreciation with their wallet. Unfortunately we have to mark this event with a very boring email ;)))))

1x Canvas Print of Golden Gate Golden Sunset

Size: Extra Large (762mm x 508mm)
You’ll receive €31.59 from this sale.


1x Greeting Card of SHINY SUNFLOWER

Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Greeting Card.
You’ll receive US$0.60 (converted to €0.40) from this sale.

This is fantastic and I’m so happy to share the good news with you!!!

Thank you so very much to the two Unknown buyers, glad you enjoy my work!

Wish You A Wonderful Sunday, Hugs Jokus ;-)

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