Custom-made calendars

I am sure this is not new, but I have pondered on the idea of being able to select anyone’s images to create my own calendar. It will probably be a while before the RB team can get their act together to implement this idea, which would generate more sales for everyone…so, in the meantime, I have decided to create custom-made calendars for anyone who wants one. Just bubblemail me your favourite selection of 13 of my images, indicate which one you would like on the cover, or even send the monthly selection, and I will create it, upload it to my calendar collection, then, if you are happy with the finished product, it’s all yours. My usual markup for all my work is 40%, and I will charge the same for custom calendars. If you like I will name the selection as yours (your RB profile name, so you can find it easily}. RB says they will not be producing 2010 calendars until October when all old calendars will automatical become next years. I wrote to encourage them to flick the switch a bit earlier, because I can’t imagine many 2009 calendars are being sold in July. Anyway, I hope you like the idea, and ….why don’t you all make the same offer to the rest of us?

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