I never paint from a photo or in the field. The images I paint come from my imagination or an impression. I almost always paint in acrylics, a personal preference, and almost never on stretched canvas. I prefer to stretch the artwork after I’m done. Sometimes I will paint familiar subjects and sometimes an abstact interpetation of a feeling or simply an abstact exploration of color and form. Often the painting takes a left turn or decides for itself the direction it wants me to go and I love mistakes cause they are a motivational force.

I have been an artist all my life and an actor for most of my life. Acting in movies such as “ED WOOD” with Johnny Depp or filming over seas in a place like Bulgaria making “DARKWATERS” and “DARKLIGHT” or costarring in a hit TV series like “COACH” or appearing in commercials has all been exciting and rewarding but creating a work of art and have someone say how much they enjoyed it has always provided me with the most gratification.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do making it.

Sincerely, Ross Manarchy

  • Joined: August 2007