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Bitching - No more challenge vouchers from RB!

So I just got news there going to be No More challenge vouchers from RBas of March 2012!

Dear Hosts,
As you may know, we introduced group vouchers a few years ago as an incentive to help our group hosts encourage activity in their groups. The group voucher program worked well and Redbubble groups were well on their way. Now that Redbubble groups have thriving communities of their own, we feel it’s a great opportunity to pull together into one Redbubble community where all hosts and their members can participate in challenges and have the opportunity to get noticed for the hard work that is put into our groups by you, the hosts.
As we enter a brand new year, we’ve put our collective heads together to focus on finding positive ways to implement changes to Redbubble. To kick this off, on March 1, 2013, we will be bidding farewell to our group vouchers and instead introducing a weekly spotlight on Redbubble groups each week in our Community blog.
As hosts, many of you go to extraordinary lengths to make your groups awesome and show your members they are appreciated. We’ll be focusing on that in these blog posts, as well as things such as special shout-outs to the hosts and putting a spotlight on the exciting group activity that we see around our community.
In addition to that we will be offering a monthly challenge, through our Community Blog, where hosts and members alike will be able to participate in various ways such as nominating the challenge topics, and basically serving as challenge hosts for the entire Redbubble community. You’ll get the chance to nominate your ideas, and if we pick yours, we’ll work closely with you to plan and manage the challenge. This will include using all our promotional channels to drive attention to your challenge, offering great prizes, and potentially working with other likeminded brands as co-sponsors. We think this will be great fun!
Thanks for all you do as a host in our great Redbubble Community!
The Redbubble Community Team

RB promote the Group Spotlight HERE as if they are doing the groups a favor. To which, Rosehaven replied

This is crazy ! We have had experience of this type of Group Promotion before & it takes an awful lot of promotion before a Group can be recognized for the simple reason there are SO MANY GROUPS & SO MANY FABULOUS HOSTS !!!!…………………….I am deeply saddened by the continuing reshuffling on RB & as a Host of 3 Groups I am afraid that this is the final nail in the coffin for me . As far as I am concerned RB uses the goodness of members to do all of the dedicated hard work for them keeping the community spirit going ………………….uses Group Hosts like unpaid slaves ………………here is just another example of Hosts being given another task to try their very hardest to get their fabulous members promoted in ,what will be a lost cause ……………….the numbers are just too great to be given the attention that they deserve

Since I have been re-active a few months ago, RB has done great harm to the community spirit by forcing upon us this awful user interface, and now RB takes away challenge vouchers, and makes group hosts fight to get attentions! I am afraid I will be leaving RB myself if a handful more of my friends leave. This has became such a sad place.

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