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Sharing a couple of useful icon images with you.

Link to the image

What it does – Using an icon instead of plain text makes it pop out and entices your viewer to take the action. I use this icon when I want my viewers to see a larger view than RB allows; and without leaving your image page when using the “Description” page (it will just overlay on top of the RB image so viewers will stay on RB)

The trick – Upload the larger view to an outside server such as your own, or any free file storage/share websites. Link to it just as you would an image on RB.

See EXAMPLE here. Click on the description tab to see it.

Note: The extra Large view still work in the “Comment” page but takes the viewer to the image’s site.


Link to the image

You can use this to grab attention for viewer to read the description on your images’ comment page. See how it is used in the comments below, or HERE

I am making these icon images public domain. You can copy and upload these images to your own portfolio, so you can find them easier.

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