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Hate the new look/UI - Nov/20/2012

Carousels is a great idea! Alas, I hate how the site navigates now. If nothing else, RB has always been a great artists community, the social aspect is second to none and much treasured. There is already a notable drop in interactivity among members and friends, yes RB friends, since the last update. It’s starting to feel lonely here. The new UI is going to make commenting and responding such a PITA I fear that will have a major negative effect on RB’s culture.

I just spent 5 minutes to mock up a UI that incorporate all the features people want into one page, not the cumbersome awkward confusion it is now.

The new layout does nothing for RB members in terms of ease of use. it takes the control out of the members what they want the visitors to see. And, it will kill the already declining community spirit and culture.

As for visitors to the site, any site, people tend to hesitate on clicking links because there is always the chance they be lost and can’t find what they came for. If I was just a visitor to the site, I would think the layout a joke. Which site has such a cumbersome interface!? I have to click a link to read the artists description, and I have to click yet another link to read and or leave comments!? This really boggles my mind. Unless a site is trying to split up contents into multiple pages so they can sell more advertising (still debatable – annoying customer is never a good thing. Statistic shows most people don’t finish clicking through such articles), this just breaks the golden rule of User Interface design and annoy the users and customers alike.


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