• Sue Wilson (Kane)
    Sue Wilson (Kane)over 5 years ago

    Well worth the watch….great find Johnno….can so relate!!

  • Rosalie Dale
    Rosalie Daleover 5 years ago

    Gee this bloke reads minds!!! This is so ‘me’ especially in winter. I’ll pass this on thanks John.

  • Neil
    Neilover 5 years ago

    Great message! Thanks John!

  • SD Smart
    SD Smartover 5 years ago

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from the intro but it is very meaningful even beyond the photography. Thanks for the link.

  • rodmueller
    rodmuellerover 5 years ago

    Well spotted John.Thanks for posting.

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Mooreover 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing John, this is awesome. Have pondered this topic even in my very short time with the camera, and I know that not only photographers would get something out of this. Showed it to my wife and she did!

  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boyntonover 3 years ago

    Someone must’ve just favourited this, coz it just popped up in my feed…
    John, thanks so much for sharing this. I think I got a skewed message out of it (probably because I’m living in perpetual summer up here!!!) but I often struggle with the concept that my photography isn’t making any difference to the world – it’s only contribution is to make ME happy (which makes it a pretty selfish hobby really!).
    But then to watch something like this, and realise that photography CAN be meaningful and CAN affect lives… well, I just have to find the right way to do it. At the moment, it brings joy to one person (well, maybe three… my Mum and my stepdad aswell!!), but that’s not to say that it’ll always be that way. It’ll never cure cancer, and I’ll never be a photojournalist, but there must be something… some way…
    Besides, I’m a much nicer person when I’m happily taking photos. That’s gotta count for something, right??

    Thanks again. I know this will stick with me for at least the next few days… a lot of wise words in there, actually!

  • Hi Mieke

    It popped up because I “favourited” it :)

    Two reasons, it’s about that time of year for me, so was to remind me to stop belly aching and get out and get some shots, the second reason was hoping it would help at least one other person…. mission accomplished :)

    – John Conway

  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boyntonover 3 years ago

    Lol… at least there’s a reason behind you favouriting your work… I once accidentally favourited one of my photos and because it was just after I joined, I couldn’t figure out how to “un-favourite” it… Lol.. I was mortified!! I think I ended up writing a journal asking for help!!

    Two very good reasons to favourite it, I say! I probably should have also said before… it’s not so easy for me to relate to the bellyaching because I’m still so ‘green’ … The excitement will wear off eventually, I’m sure … but I just bought myself a new tripod and another filter and am considering a new lens, so it won’t happen in the near future!!! I’m heading to Broome this weekend to try for some nice beach photos… =D Gotta love when it’s still 30 degrees here and it’s coming up on Wintertime!!!

  • Am off to Phillip Island for 4 days, probably be a balmy 14C LOL

    Oh photography still excites me, just want to be the best I can and I feel I’m nowhere near it at times. I guess I should be patient. :)

    – John Conway

  • Tania Rose
    Tania Roseover 3 years ago

    yes, that wintry bleak. I know it well, and as a musician i experience it too

  • Robert H Carney
    Robert H Carneyover 3 years ago

    Sort of a “slow read” at first but boy does he catch up quickly! This to an old guy like me, is inspiring but I am closer to being like his dad. Yet I still want to get out and create and improve. I should have 6 or 8 more years to be productive and I am wanting to improve! Nice video for those who are patient!