Hello, I'm over here...

Not one for "journal’ writing, but I thought it high time people stopped by and said “Hi” :)

Things have been very quiet on the bubble, for many varied reasons. I still pop in everyday and see what the people I follow are up to, and also a quick look to see what gems from new members are out there.

Of course, both camps are scarce, but any new uploads are always a welcome to look at.

Anyway, say Hi and I’ll pop over and see what you have new :)


  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boyntonover 1 year ago

    Hi :)
    I don’t think you were acutally referring to me (since I hassle you all the time anyway), but I couldn’t not say Hi back!!!
    It is definitely a lot quieter on The Bubble these days… But I think that as soon as RB segregated its staff from its members and made it more about selling Tshirts and iPhone covers than about nurturing artists, it lost its gloss for a lot of members… Just my opinion… I still love RB and I log on here more than any other site (including Facebook), but I do miss the good old days when you could contribute to a forum and come back an hour later and there were sixty new posts to read through!!! Still, it IS a business, so I guess they needed to make money, and having thousands of very vocal members probably made it nigh on impossible to focus on the income side of things!
    Anyway, Hi!

  • Hiya Mieke, long time no see, Tassie I believe :)

    I just wanted to “pop” my head up, I do venture in quite a lot, the journal makes it kind of official I guess.

    I totally understand the making of money (otherwise there wouldn’t even be this ‘shell’ of a bubble)

    Tshirts and iPhone stuff were always going to be quick turnover of product, that keeps the tills ticking over.

    I still have a bit of a natter with Stu and Mel in our Levitation Group, where those two talk rubbish, just kidding.

    There are a few sites that I have been on that have gone through the boom/bust cycle, although this was the only one I was ever on where work was sold. I think it some cases we’ve grown up, moved on, call it what you will, but sites such as this and to a bigger degree ADPOTD, is where I’ve met some fantastic people, so, I guess it’s not all that bad.

    Thanks for popping in Mieke, might see you around :)

    – John Conway

  • Phil Thomson IPA
    Phil Thomson IPAover 1 year ago

    Hi John, I still check in at least once a day, but the action is a lot quieter and uploads very sparse greatly agree with you about the quiet atmosphere and thoroughly agree with Mieke about their priorities and lack of regard for their members. So, hi too and hope to see you around the local traps !!

  • Hi there Phil, haven’t seen you since… hmm, Dog Rocks, got to stop meeting like that LOL

    Still, it’s not too bad a place to have work on show (and if I get lucky, might even sell some) :)

    Speaking of Dog Rocks, not sure if you heard, that lower part that has the longish grass, one of the togs got a photo of a fairly large Eastern Brown snake. So be careful and I WILL see you around the traps :)

    – John Conway

  • Jenni Tanner
    Jenni Tannerover 1 year ago

    Hi John – remember me ;p

    I can’t believe it’s over 4hrs since you posted this and you only have a comment from Miss Mieke!
    I agree with you, things are really quiet on RB lately. Mieke has hit the nail on the head with her reasoning I think – photography/art doesn’t sell as well as t-shirts and phone covers and as a result the encouragement we used to receive has all but disappeared. I am here several times most days checking the groups I host and seeing what else is happening. I have only uploaded a few images in the past year, partly because I have been busy and partly due to lack of interest :( Concentrating on other things I guess.
    Most of the old group who came over from POTD are not active any more, I gusee they’ve moved on to greener pastures?

    Lovely to chat John :)
    PS – congrats on your success at Western Liguria!

  • Jenni? who are you? Just joking :)

    4 hours and one comment, nothing really unusual about that :)

    Actually a few months back, I posted a photo and in two days it had a 150+ views, and one comment (was Mieke, maybe she’s scaring them away, I better have a quiet word to that young lady)

    As for selling art/photography, it is hard work, that’s why I gave up painting. I guess there are many people shooting nowadays and so much support available with tutorials and such, people would rather have a go themselves than buy off someone else, and fair play if they think that way. I guess RB don’t care if it’s my work thats bought or someone elses.

    I miss ADPOTD too, but, it changed or maybe it was me, all part of growth and it served me well, I did enjoy it.

    Thanks for the “congrats” didn’t do nearly as well as that troublemaker Mieke did :)

    thanks for popping in, I’ll put the kettle on next time LOL

    – John Conway

  • Adrian Donoghue
    Adrian Donoghueover 1 year ago

    Hi John, I still check in, but like Mieke, I miss the ‘good old days’ . You’ll find me mostly on 1X these days, more focus on photography.

  • Adrian, haven’t seen you since you ventured into the wilds of Colac LOL

    That 1X is a big scary place, they don’t like my work :)

    I do think that if we trawl through the online sites there’s always one that feels a good fit, RB was that for me, back then…. not now, maybe I need a bigger “jumper”

    Might catch you at a “national” or VAPS… your turn to buy the coffee :)

    – John Conway

  • Mick Kupresanin
    Mick Kupresaninover 1 year ago

    Hi John,
    Thinging really just Hi

  • Hi Mick, well I saw you at CC last night.

    You’re putting in some really good work of late (and probably not getting the just rewards) stick with it, I know there are quite a few who like the type of work you are producing and the way you see things.

    – John Conway

  • …and thanks for popping in :)

    – John Conway

  • thorpey
    thorpeyover 1 year ago

    G’day Mate!

  • Thorpey!!!!

    sorry for late reply, had a (long) weekend away with the camera club down at the beautiful Wilsons Promontory, wishing I was back there already.

    Hope you’ve been keeping that finger near the shutter button.

    – John Conway

  • WendyJC
    WendyJCover 1 year ago

    It surely is quiet in comparison to a few years back … Not even sure how to view new images as they land now or the popular pages ? perhaps they are gone ..
    Still here I am and intend to stay as long as I can shoot!!

  • Hiya Wendy, yes, bit quieter that what was, but at least there’s still a steady flow of things to look at :)

    – John Conway