My name is Johnny Golden ( aka John Ashton Golden, JAG), owner and operator of Mortal Mirror Studio. I’m a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, comics creator, musician, and all around creative, currently living in Chicago, IL. I graduated from RIT in 2001 majoring in Illustration and minoring in Graphic Design and Creative Writing. I’ve been an artist since I could ham-fist a crayon, and constantly seek new forms of expression, exploration, and communication through my work. Feel free to contact me for contract work, collaboration, to purchase a print, or add an original work of art to your collection. Thank you for viewing my work, and I hope you enjoy what you see.

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We’re creating short comic stories that will be developed collaboratively by participating urban youth & our talented artists! Please help support this worthy and fun cause today and you could make an appearance in a future comic book! / / <iframe width="480" height="360" src="https://www.kickstar…
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