Recent Love

Just To See Her Face I had seen her on a Wednesday, / Red shoes crossing the wet street. / Blonde hair, blue eyes, red shoes, / Long raincoat down to her feet. The Ride Her blonde hair flashes over my face, / As she bites her bottom lip and cries out, / A rebel yell into the wild night, / With her white h… After the Fall I cast my eyes to the tapestry of night. / His voice calling me from emptiness to emptiness, / Those penetrating eyes following me… /… The Fall of Ormo See, Ormo was his dearest friend, / All the way to his very sad end. / “It’s all right, Igbo,” Ormo would say, / “I… Simple Tastes I once was asked, / Which flavor I favored, / Of the Neopolitan design. / Do I favor the chocolate, / The strawberry, / Or vanilla, of … Summer I long for the beads, / Of sweat upon my brow, / And sweet kisses of sun on my skin. / I long for the knots, / Of burrs on my laces, / As I… The Short Barrage of Ormo It was he who charged the velvet gates, / And peeled the peach into the light. The Call of Ormo Your voice ever present in my ears. / That endless hum of song, / The restless tune from within, / That stirs and fevers my blood. Temptations of Ormo So I guess that’s all very well and good, / Let’s just say that it wasn’t to be. / But if there’s anything left of … Mockery of the Ormo Let us sing the songs and praises of the Ormo. Epic Proportions “Oh, but all the hells! / Tell the priest to ring the bells!” / The people heard the mayor yell, / As her shadow passed his doo… The Truth I could say I have my reasons, / And tell you I meant this to be. / Or simply speak the truth, / In the hopes that you may see. Such Is The Way A blade stabbed deep into the snow, / Near vanquished hero’s hand, His foe / absent of life’s tender glow: / Such is the way I love. The Note. I love you, because my heart tells me I have no choice. I Don’t Believe in Magic I don’t believe in magic, but in your presence I’m possessed. Strawberry Her loving, beckon chance, / Through her gentle gaze enchants, / Ensnares me, her gallow / Lifts me gently off my feet. Waiting. I’m waiting. No Title Naked people. Somewhat. The First Loves first tender embrace. To My Love Thanks for nothing. Ode to Bacon Bacon is a juicy bit…does it lure you in?