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Recent Passion

Just To See Her Face I had seen her on a Wednesday, / Red shoes crossing the wet street. / Blonde hair, blue eyes, red shoes, / Long raincoat down to her feet. The Ride Her blonde hair flashes over my face, / As she bites her bottom lip and cries out, / A rebel yell into the wild night, / With her white h… The Fall of Ormo See, Ormo was his dearest friend, / All the way to his very sad end. / “It’s all right, Igbo,” Ormo would say, / “I… Simple Tastes I once was asked, / Which flavor I favored, / Of the Neopolitan design. / Do I favor the chocolate, / The strawberry, / Or vanilla, of … The Short Barrage of Ormo It was he who charged the velvet gates, / And peeled the peach into the light. The Call of Ormo Your voice ever present in my ears. / That endless hum of song, / The restless tune from within, / That stirs and fevers my blood. Temptations of Ormo So I guess that’s all very well and good, / Let’s just say that it wasn’t to be. / But if there’s anything left of … Mockery of the Ormo Let us sing the songs and praises of the Ormo. Such Is The Way A blade stabbed deep into the snow, / Near vanquished hero’s hand, His foe / absent of life’s tender glow: / Such is the way I love. The Note. I love you, because my heart tells me I have no choice. I Don’t Believe in Magic I don’t believe in magic, but in your presence I’m possessed. Strawberry Her loving, beckon chance, / Through her gentle gaze enchants, / Ensnares me, her gallow / Lifts me gently off my feet.