John Griggs

John Griggs

Kennett Square, United States

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Photography is about capturing something – an image, a feeling, a mood – as suggested by two dimensional color, tone, and shape.

Entropy is the tendency of the ordered universe to slide towards disorder. Large things break into smaller pieces which ultimately breakdown into even smaller units.

But everything is still here. Nothing is missing. Everything passes, everything remains…

In the majority of cases I try to get close to my subjects because true intimacy isn’t achieved by distant observation either in relationships or photography.

In most of my nature photography and my industrial archaeology photography I focus on smaller areas – the building blocks of larger scenes – to focus on the more basic units which make up the bigger picture.

I hope you enjoy the images here and find them in some way unique.

Here at Red Bubble I only sell note cards. For signed, numbered prints of my original photography please visit my main site below.

John Griggs
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