Who Am I (PART #6)

“What if we never give up ?”

Some fifteen years ago I loss the good union job I had for 28 years,…..
Am fifty years old,….I have no job,…No training of any kind.
When your fifty,and you have no special training,….Most places are not interested in hiring someone that old.
Also at this time,….I read a story in the paper about a man that could bend quarters with his bare hands (fingers),….

They asked him how could he do that ?
His answer was,…most anyone can do it,….But,…Like most things in life,…When it becomes difficult,…They say it hurts to try,…and so they stop,..
This story got me to thinking,….That`s the way with most everything in life,….
When as a young child, and we`re starting to walk,….We fall down, We get hurt,…We cry sometimes,….But,..we continue on.

Then in a few days,…We`re walking like we have been doing it our whole life,…LOL.
All through our youth,we find things that are hard to do the first time we try it,…We continue to try,…and we find a way to get it done,..
As we get older,…we stop trying,….Oh,..that`s too hard,..or I don`t have time to do that,…am a old dog,…I can`t learn that.

What if you did not give up ?

I looked for a job for three months,….not even close to finding one,…
Maybe I should just give up !

Am not trained to do any kind of trade,….maybe I could learn one????
I learned a little about air conditioning when I was in the Military,….I need to go back to school and learn some more.

I enrolled in a two year course,…I finished it in one year.
It was not easy,…But,..when I would think about quitting,….I would remember what the guy said about bending the quarters,…and I would continue on,…
So now am a Heat & Air Technician (HVAC) ,…..I remember how hard it was when I first started,…The stress I put myself through everyday,….and now it`s so easy,….
I got my first computer six years ago,…..I did not know much about them at all,….I continued on,…and now,….am still learning,…learning something new everyday,…..If only I had read that Quarter Story thirty years ago,…LOL.

So the moral of the story,….Never ever GIVE UP !

I found out later,… the guy that would bend the quarters,..was doing it all with a trick,….

But,..In my mind if he had not given up,….He could have gotten it done (bent the quarter),…LOL.



  • vigor
    vigorover 2 years ago

    Very good moral John. I too went back to school to learn computer art when I said I was too old and would never go back to school, but I got a decent job after that and now I am creating all kinds of things and it is taking me places. As long as we draw breath, we are useful and need to condition our minds to believing this and never stop or we will get old! Key…keep active and keep learning!

  • Thank you Viv,….
    Life is much better if we hang in there,….there will always be bad times,…But,…if we try our best,…..the happy days we be more often,…

    – JohnDSmith

  • WildBillPho
    WildBillPhoover 2 years ago

    Great life lesson John! You are never too old to try something new…glad you are now successful as a HVAC tech. Guess you can thank your military experience too, I do every day, and that was a loooong time ago!
    Now I’m just trying to retire…and I’ll never give up!

  • Hi bill,…
    Glad to hear you were in the military too,….The military is a great learning place,…..I do wish I had stayed in there though,..
    I have thought about retiring,…I do enjoy the work I do,….So it`s just hard for me to just stop,….I guess I`ll slow down some in the coming years,….
    Good luck on your retirement,…

    – JohnDSmith

  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adamsover 2 years ago

    Great moral John, we should never stop learning, it keeps our minds young and well informed and it is usually fun, just started to ride my bike again after 30 years this last week and I am having a blast as well as keeping fitter.

  • Well,….good for you,…..riding a bike can be a lot of fun,….
    Thank you Kate,….

    – JohnDSmith

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorabout 2 years ago

    You are one of the most inspiring people I think I’ve ever met John, I’m so glad to know you :)

  • What a wonderful comment,….It is truly appreciated !
    Karin,….I do not know a lot about you,….What I do know is that your a very talented person,…..and your Blessed with the kindness of a Angel,…..
    Thank you for your kindness,…..

    – JohnDSmith

  • Mary Campbell
    Mary Campbellalmost 2 years ago

    There is alot of age discrimination in this country that goes unnoticed. I know several people with master degrees who are over 50 who also can not find work in this economy. I know it’s easy to think it’s an education thing but it’s big business not wanting older workers. So unless your willing to go into business for yourself your at a big disadvantage. I’m happy to hear you were able to find something, and it’s not you alone but many others.

  • Mary,…..I can see business point of view on hiring younger people,…..It`s just a business thing,…..and that is the reason,….their in business,…to do what they think is best for their company,..
    I now work for a small company,..and it`s a lot better then working for a large company,…It`s just a lot more personal,….They,..the owner`s do more for me,….But,..Then I also do more for them,….
    I`ve been there 15 years now,..and a lot of younger people have came, and gone since i have been there.
    Sometimes us older folks,…we just have to show our stuff,…LOL.
    Thank you Mary,…Appreciated,…

    – JohnDSmith

  • Manon Boily
    Manon Boilyalmost 2 years ago

    that’s a nice story John. soon I will be 46. I will remember your story. thank you and congratulations. you made efforts not to quit and you are a model ;)

  • Hi Manon,…..
    So pleased you read this,and even more pleased you enjoyed it,….
    46,….You still have a lot of live ahead of you,….Go be what you wish to be,…
    .THANK YOU !

    – JohnDSmith

  • Poete100
    Poete100almost 2 years ago

    I love this write very much…I never give up on anything unless it’s not worth my while…and what you prove John is that you don’t get anywere just by wanting to get there…you have to do something about it…lots of people will just take whatever comes along and others go after what they want…and that’s the rigth move…You did well and got somewhere…it’s all about fear…and you overcame it quite well….great words that more people should read!!! Lorraine

  • Thank you for your visit,….Pleased that you agree with me about this,….
    It`s so easy to blame failures on one else,…..There`s times in my life when I tried that,…and you know,.. it got me no where.
    I have another journal about getting ahead in life,….It`s really very simple,….Lucky Me ! You may enjoy it too,….
    Thanks again for your visit,…

    – JohnDSmith

  • vigor
    vigoralmost 2 years ago

    I love your writings John, so natural and down to earth. I say every day we learn something new is a good day. I went to art school hoping to be an illustrator but when I graduated all those jobs left and computers were coming in. I said I would never go that route, but finally I decided if I couldn’t beat ’em to join ’em and went back to community college to learn how to use on and then eventually got a job as a graphic computer operator. Now I try to learn something new on it all the time. Life is all about learning!

  • Thank you Viv,…Writing is really not very easy for me….Am such a simple guy,….trying to find the right word for the meaning am trying to say,….Sometimes it will take me several days to compose a short journal,…..
    I try to stick with simple words, and not confuse people with words that really have no meaning in our real world.
    Thanks again Viv,..I appreciate your support. !

    – JohnDSmith

  • vigor
    vigoralmost 2 years ago

    Your simplicity is what makes these so real!

  • Thanks Viv,….

    – JohnDSmith