Hello Everyone,
My watchlist is very full at this time,…But if you comment or favor my work,…I will try my best to return the same.

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I give myself,……The Lord has given me much to smile about,…..
Not that my life has been perfect,……I have hurt,..and pains everyday,….But,…just look around,…There are so many that have so much less then I do,………I have the Lord who lives in me,…..I HAVE EVERYTHING !,…….So I share the smile,….The hello how are you,…..and if you watch,…They turn and share that with someone else.
Go out in the world and just share the best thing anyone could have,…..SHARE THE LORDS LOVE !

If in your darkest moments, you can find a way to be grateful than you can overcome anything.

May God Bless You !

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P.S. My wonderful wife makes me better in everything I do.
Walk with the Lord and have peace with it all.
John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me

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Rose On Fire
by JohnDSmith

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Taking a RB Break

Hope to be back on in a few months. / May everyone have a Merry Christmas !, and a Happy New Year !
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John`s DAP Art

Dynamic Auto-Painter Software Creation`s. / Christmas Day / by JohnDSmith / Summer Memories / by JohnDSmith / Cones in a Row / by JohnDSmith / My Fall Palette / by JohnDSmith / Abstract Fall / by JohnDSmith / American / by JohnDSmith / Down on The DAP Family Farm / by JohnDSmith / Melancholy / by JohnDSmith / Painted Dreams / by JohnDSmith / A Little DAP Will Do You / by JohnDSmith
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"A Spooky House, Challenge Winner"

#1 Favorites, A Spooky House / I appreciate the votes I received in this challenge very much. / A Big Thank You To The Host Of this Group "#1 Favorites" / Barbara Brown and Jane Neill-Hancock / THANK YOU ! ! ! / The Challenge Winner / On A Dark Stormy Night / by JohnDSmith
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Many Sales

I have had many sales in the last few weeks. / A Big Thank You to the buyer,or buyers / I am very GRATEFUL
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