Inhabiting the Warm Wood

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A 30 minute slideshow for looping, designed for showing on large walls in public spaces. Created using Midnight Garden cycle 22 paintings by John Douglas.
(Midnight Gardens cycle 22 – acrylic, walnut oil ink, ink, gouache, aquarelle pencils on card)

Midnight Gardens portfolio

Midnight Gardens calendar 1
calendar 2

Midnight Gardens Art Book:
Midnight Gardens – Deluxe Edition
Midnight Gardens – Standard Edition

The sea was full of stars. A blazing vault of sky collided with its reflection in the dark plain of ocean. Together, they found infinity.

The salty air was intoxicating. He breathed in…out. Somewhere in the distance a clock chimed midnight.

Awareness arose within him, warming his body against the chill of night. From the moment of his birth, he had been journeying towards this point, this very moment.

Suddenly, without thought or effort, he found himself slipping through the cusp of the crescent moon and falling into another world.

A garden. Full of mysterious sounds and magical shapes and colours. Nearby, the trickle of a fountain.

Dangerous and wild, but he felt no fear. For the garden had been calling to him all his life, and at last had allowed him in.

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