John Moore

John Moore

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Watercolour is my preferred medium, with photomanipulation and digital art a close second.
A guy in the pub told me that “a painting is never finished, just merely abandoned.”. Da Vinci said that, he told me, so it must be true. Welcome to my abandonments….

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  • Age: 66
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Mess of Pottage

RB, you are so insensitive to artist’s needs. We require control over the format in which our art is presented. Your new uploader does not allow for that. In case you did not know, the different formats require different aspect ratios. / 4:3 landscape / 3:4 portrait / 1:1 square / . / A landscape painting does not fit onto a phone, nor a cushion. Indeed, there are many artists who would no…
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Zen and The Art of Free Expression

Without a formal art education, I know very little of the terminology. I take ‘free expression’ to mean ‘no holds barred’. / For me, it is all about the flow, and not worrying about succinct goals. I try to stay loose, and I can only do that if I do not have rigid, pre-defined aims. / Some years ago, when I was still fit and strong enough to draw a bow, a friend lent me a …
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Peace, perfect peace

There’s a man across the street with an angle-grinder. Must be his new toy. Can’t stop playing with it. He cares not one jot about my hangover. / My hangover, which I did nothing to deserve. A hangover without the benefit of the previous. / I must close my eyes and imagine what kind of debauchery I should have been involved with last night. Impossible! That grinder interferes with eve…
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This painting has received well over 300 views so far, but only 2 comments and 3 favourites. / Who are these people? Some galleries have a signing in/out book. / Please leave a flower as you walk by my grave, something to remember you by.
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