Facebook Page

I’ve been very busy lately, work and study and other real life activities distract me from RedBubble..

But seeing as I’m always working on something (that takes so long to make it onto RB) I’ve just made a facebook page so I can update more regularly. It saves people having to put up with all the stupid crap I post on my personal facebook.

If you’d like to watch me head over here.

Cheers : )

Birdcage tee for sale on

Hey hey so my birdcage tee is up for sale on all of this week so I’m doing the right thing and hiding it on RB for the moment.

See it here – 12 Bucks on Thursday.

It was made for RedBubble, don’t think the simplicity really works on these other sites.. but no matter, somebody likes it.

It’ll be back up soon, my apologies if anyone was just about to buy it.

So anyway.. how’s it going?

Tee Samples

I got my own tees printed to make sure they were turning out the way I’d hoped.The pictures might not be the best (it’s too hard with an slr at arms length) but the prints are top-knotch. I’m quite pleased. Too bad it’s freezing here.