Why Vote for Rick Perry When Someone Great is Standing Right Behind Him?

When it comes to the GOP’s race towards the White House Texas Governor Rick Perry is hot shit. Unfortunately, so is his home state of Texas which is suffering from uncontained wildfires.

In April, Gov. Perry’s state was seeing historic wildfires which forced him to put his leadership skills to the test. After cutting funding for volunteer firefighters from 27 million to 8 million this year, he picked himself up, dusted himself off and called for all Texans to “Pray for Rain”. The state is again facing devastating wildfires. So much so that the Governor is dropping out of what would be his first televised debate with the other GOP contenders to return home to face the issue. Assuredly he will not increase the state’s firefighting budget but will instead just ask Texans to persuade God to use more of his rain budget onto Texas.

In early August Gov. Perry held a rally to pray for the economy. There seems to be a pattern in Rick Perry’s thinking (who may or may not be dumb). Why spend money doing research, hiring experts, making plans, and stressing yourself out solving your states problems when you can just ask God?

So why support Rick Perry anyway? If his only plan is to ask God, why not just vote for God. Skip the middle-man. If you plan on voting for Rick Perry, take a step back, think about it, then do yourself and your country a favor and just write-in “God”.

American historians will say that voting for God as President of the United States would make the founding fathers roll in their graves, but so wouldn’t the thought of President Rick Perry?

So don’t vote for Rick Perry when you can just vote for God – and go ahead and make Ronald Reagan the Vice President while you’re at it. Your country will thank you.

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Why Vote for Rick Perry When Someone Great is Standing Right Behind Him? by 


  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryalmost 3 years ago

    :-) I hope the Tea Party Patriots heed your wise words.

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