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Chesapeake, United States

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Disaster Strikes

Short version: Canoe + Me + falling + camera + iphone = EPIC FAIL!

So I was going to get in this canoe, I put my camera in there, then got in. Well it started going out from under neath me as I was getting in, so I fell backward into the water. Some water got in to the boat, my camera was submerged for a few seconds! I don’t want to even test it to see if it works yet, maybe in a day or two.
Also, to make matters worse, my iPhone was in my pocket. It looks like it is toast. It is really hot, like something shorted out inside of it, plus the camera lens on the back, and the main screen have condensation between it. Just as with my camera, I will let it dry for a few days, but I have a feeling the iPhone is toast. The camera could recover. If not I can send it to get fixed I guess. Anyone else have this issue?

Excuse me while I go curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb…


  • adrian76
    adrian76about 4 years ago

    What a nightmare!

    Give it a couple of days, and see what happens. The phone is most likely going to struggle to come back from that. I noticed from the tags on your work that you have a Nikon D90? If so, the weather proofing is “mild” at best. There will be water in there for sure, but if you popped the battery out straight away and leave it for a few days, you should be okay. It might need a trip in to a camera repair shop for a bit of cleaning, but I hope that won’t even be the case… fingers crossed!

  • Thanks Adrian, I did take everything off right away. And yes it is a D90. My fingers are crossed as well! I don’t think I’m going to attempt to do anything with it (or my phone) for a few days.

    – Joel Hall

  • Leslie Wood
    Leslie Woodabout 4 years ago

    That is horrible Joel!! I hope your camera makes it. At least phones are somewhat cheaper to replace. I dropped a phone in my pool and the same thing happened. Hot battery, condensation….it was ruined instantly. Verizon managed to get all my info out of it though. Good luck to you!

  • Thanks Leslie! Although the iPhone has no warranty, and I think to get it replaced at full price is around $500 :( This could be a very expensive mishap!

    – Joel Hall

  • Michael  Bermingham
    Michael Bermi...about 4 years ago

    LMAO….. Sorry Mate, but you’ve got to admit… it sounds funny to anyone else but you.
    Now to the serious Bit, Like Adrian Said, 10 gets you 20 that water managed to find its way in, but if it is left long enough to dry without turning it on, it might be OK?
    I had a conversation with Angel & Chris about insurance for cameras, notebooks and so on…
    All of my camera gear, lenses, tripod, bags, Video camera, notebook PC and all accessories are insured with my home contents insurance as “Specified Portable Valuables”
    I have insured the lot for $11,500 so in the event that my camera bag is stolen, takes a swim or damaged/destroyed in any way (this includes accidental damage by me eg. Dropping etc) they will replace the contents to the value of just over 11 grand. And I have the option of upgrading any of my insured stuff!!
    It only adds about $60 a year to my insurance premium, so its bloody well worth it.
    I’m sure the US would have something like that?
    Anyway, I know this doesn’t help your current situation, but if it is beyond repair, perhaps you can insure it all and then wait a couple of months and accidentally leave it on a park bench or something? Not that I condone any form of illicit activities :o)
    Good luck either way me Ol Pal.

  • LMAO. Actually, I was laughing the whole time. I still am a little. I didn’t lose pictures or anything that isn’t replaceable. Its only “stuff”, I wasn’t hurt, nobody else had their gear in the boat, etc. Could have been worse. Stuff happens.
    As for the insurance, we do have something like that. I use it to insure my wife’s engagement ring. Maybe after this I will look at doing just that. I think making a claim after the fact would be a little unjust. Oh well, lesson learned

    – Joel Hall

  • Jeffrey Sanders
    Jeffrey Sandersabout 4 years ago

    I am in the process of pulling all my info together to take out a policy on my gear and equipment as well. I perish the thought of losing the stuff in my bag. Sorry to hear about your gear going for a swim. Hopefully you can get the water out and salvage at least the camera and lens. Sounds like the phone is toast.

  • Yeah, thanks Jeff. I am thankful I did not have anyone else’s gear in there too! Not to mention my entire camera bag or anything. It could have been worse.

    – Joel Hall

  • Michael  Bermingham
    Michael Bermi...about 4 years ago

    Oh yeah forgot to say…
    iphone + water = paperweight.

  • Michael  Bermingham
    Michael Bermi...about 4 years ago

    Unjust? LMAO
    Yeah, those poor insurance companies….Ya gotta feel for those poor buggers dont you!

  • lol true. So if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just stand on a streetcorner with my camera bag open and take donations, lol

    – Joel Hall

  • Michele Conner
    Michele Connerabout 4 years ago

    I take my camera in the kayak but I always use a ‘dry bag’ that the camera sits in. That way if the kayak tips the camera is safe. I only take it out of the dry bag to take a picture and put it right back in. The insurance thing looks like a good idea… though I only have a used D50 and might enjoy and excuse for a replacement (body… heck not my lens!!)

  • That is a great idea. The whole event was full of mistakes on my part. At least I should have gotten in first before putting my camera in the canoe, and also kept my phone out of my pocket. Oh well, what happened happened. That is life!

    – Joel Hall

  • Angel Perry
    Angel Perryabout 4 years ago

    One word….OUCH! Sooooo soorrrry Joel!!!!!!

  • Thanks Angel! :/

    – Joel Hall