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Joel Hall

Chesapeake, United States

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  • Age: 31
  • Joined: September 2008


Website Launched

WOW, I feel like its been over a year since I have used redbubble. It just about has! I apologize to everyone who has me on my watchlist that I have not kept my portfolio up to date. I’ve had a busy year, and found myself posting pictures on facebook for friends/family to view and leaving it at that. / I will get around to updating my redbubble soon, but for now, I invite everyone to check…
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Disaster Strikes

Short version: Canoe + Me + falling + camera + iphone = EPIC FAIL! / So I was going to get in this canoe, I put my camera in there, then got in. Well it started going out from under neath me as I was getting in, so I fell backward into the water. Some water got in to the boat, my camera was submerged for a few seconds! I don’t want to even test it to see if it works yet, maybe in a day or t…
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Today I celebrate four wonderful years of marriage to my beautiful wife Candice. I love you babe!
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New Redbubble Upload Page

Just wanted to make a shout out to the RedBubble Developer team for a job well done on the new upload page. The fact that the image uploads before the details are entered is genius! The GUI is nicely designed as well. Couldn’t have done better myself :p
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