From Persephone

Your sweet smell lingers
Lonely on my mind.
The shadows of your features
Engraved in my sight.
The colours so bright
Cheer my lonely sight.
O’ my sweet Orpheus
Save me from my fate
That looks me in the eye
With a passion so wild.
Your scent is so great
Your vision takes over.
O’ Orpheus, my beloved,
Take me away from the dark
Show me the light again
Let me breathe your scent
Let me touch and feel your body.
Wake me up to your warmth.

Hidden am I from your love
In this dungeon in the dark.

I think of you and your song.
Sing to me my sweet one.
Use your music to show me
The love you desire.
For in my heart it is there
With a passion to be given.

There is no night or day,
Where I now forever dwell.
I am bound to this life
A solitary darkness within
But with your image embedded
I will not die again.

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