Miles City, United States

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Weighing in at an estimated 2500 pounds, Jobie Morris has to be considered one of the biggest authors of our time. Jobie is also believed to be the only “technically a bull” to have published a book. Jobie, however, prefers to be known as a Black Angus Terrier. Jobie’s book, Dear Grandma . . . Love, Jobie: Letters from a Black Angus Terrier, was released in mid August 2012 (available on In November 2014, he supervised his Mom as she wrote, Emgie, the story of one of his neighbors—a tiny Scottish Highland calf (available on

From humble beginnings as a rescue calf, Jobie rapidly evolved into a Black Angus Terrier—a breed best known for playing with toys, dressing up, enjoying tummy rubs, and giving kisses. During much of his first year, Jobie entertained the travelers along a busy street in Miles City, Montana as he cavorted with his bowling ball, rolled over for tummy rubs, or simply acted as a pillow for his Mom to rest on. Jobie has moved five times since then, but has always lived in or just outside of Miles City, Montana. All of Jobie’s photographs are taken in or just outside of Miles City, Montana—the place he calls home!

During the 2 1/2 years that his Grandma Morris, was in the Eastern Montana Veterans’ Home in Glendive, Montana, Jobie was unable to visit due to the technical difficulty that he was as large as the family car and the 75 miles was simply too far to walk. Instead, he sent her a card or a letter every day to share his world and experiences and, thus, expand her horizons beyond the walls of the rest home. Dear Grandma is a compilation of his letter period. Join Jobie as he introduces Grandma to his friends, shares his make-believe games, and describes his day-to-day activities—even including instructions on how to get the most enjoyment out of eating your corn shucks!

Jobie is a real life testament to the power of believing you can grow up to be anything you want to be. At 4, he was a model for Crocs knee pads on eBay and, at 5, he published his first book and was a winner on Red Bubble! Although his Grandma is gone now, Jobie continues to correspond with people from coast to coast and sends cards and e-mails to brighten their days. No one that spends time with Jobie ever looks at the world in quite the same way again!

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