Treating the person not the disease.

Treating the person not the disease.
“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings and learn how, by his own thought , to derive benefit for his illness.”
“Natural forces with us are the true healers of disease.”
“Each person is unique and it is the person not the disease that has to be then taken care of.”
“It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what kind of disease a person has.”
“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then its possible to help him.”
That Father of Medicine

I felt this to be very interesting and true. Inspiring words. I see this reason more and more in the work I do as a massage therapist. In a holistic approach which is being opened minded and consulting/considering all levels of the self. Such as the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of being human. (Every human being has all these aspects of self, it is whether a person is aware and awaken to them is their perception) Consulting all these aspects would bring great clarity to anyone seeking understanding in their life and in this case the conditions that have become physical.
There is a place for both Medical and Holistic approaches. They can work hand in hand. Medical can know how to treat a disease but at times they don’t view or look at the whole body. They just treat an area. eg. My Dad had a heart attack few years back and has been on medication to stop a further one happening. 7 years down the track while he hasn’t had a another heart attack but the medicine has been killing his body. He wasn’t treated as a body with a heart he was just treated as a heart. Everything is connected and I believe should be considered in all health cases. It would be of personal benefit to know holistically the physical, emotion, mentally and spiritual aspects of why a disease is formed. Otherwise I believe disease can recreate itself again if medically taken away without understanding all these other aspects. No two diseases are the same. They might come under the same heading as in cancer and depression but case is unique to individual.
I resonantly send these words to my parents as I noticed on a visit to see them this year, Dad when he spoke of a condition was saying ‘my’ all the time. This is how he was identifying himself in a condition constantly. I felt he was defining himself with his Fibro Myalgia too strongly. I believe every time he did speak, he was really owning it as him. A lady a few years back brought this first to my attention as she noticed how I was speaking about everything. I was also adding a ‘my’ to everything. It really did make a lot of sense and now after working in the area of health I see it often, people overly identify with a circumstance. It’s playing on words a bit, watching to not say my depression, my sickness. It is about bringing awareness to what you are saying and the energy behind it. I know once it was brought to attention for me, I was able to understand myself with much more clarity. I don’t believe this is deigning or suppressing that you have a condition. The separation unravels and enables you to know that you are not 100% the condition unless you are choosing to be. By saying the depression, the cancer allows you to see it in clearer vision. To understand from this, ways to heal yourself. Ask for truth in a holistic and medical way if you truly wish to be well and happy.
I too looked to be labelled under a condition as in ways it was a relief to know I had something that would explain the pain and hurt. This can help no doubt in ways to be labelled as that can start you to healing. Labelling can also mask what is really going on. It is what you are choosing to do with the label.
I see people don’t know who they are under what life has presented to them. People have lost knowing of their true-self as they identity too much with their conditions, patterns etc. Dad’s true essence and understanding of himself was not present when he was speaking of what the doctors were saying. He was overly proud of the discoveries. I know in times of conditions/disease it is can be hard to know yourself but it is can also be a time of great revelations for yourself. A time of true understanding of why things are created, it would be a sure way of curing the aliments. Aliments such as emotional/mental states can create so much disease in our bodies. Bodies are so over-run with emotions, energy, experience, things to do, it just doesn’t function with the overload. Therefore creates disease, anxiety, sleeplessness, disconnection.

I sent ‘Treating the person not the disease.’ as I wished to bring a bigger perspective to what goes on for Mum and Dad. I have found it hard communicating to people I care about. Sending these words was an easier form of communication for me. I have feared rejection as I didn’t have a good sense of myself away from the rejection patterns I was holding. I have tended to get rejected too easily instead of remembering rejection isn’t my true nature. I might feel rejected in the moment but it is an experience and I can come back into my true essence if I understand the rejection truths. Viewing towards rejection as tools into understanding towards my deeper self. In the end I was fearing my own rejection of not knowing myself. If I had the self esteem I wouldn’t feel so rejected by people.

Life I believe is an aspect amongst other values about finding that true spark of self. Thus you find the true spark in life. To live in this space of resonance in all that you do. To come back into yourself everyday until you can feel the true essence of youself consistantly. Ways to this is to learn and open to all the energies that have been stored in you, without judgement. To know that in life with what ever you are experiencing or have experienced, whether it be hurt, hate, anger, these energies have the keys to all of your dysfunction, disorders and diseases
Being an unlimited self experiencing life’s joy. A form to carry unity inattention and openness to bring into harmony and balance in all areas/levels of my health and life. As I sent the piece ‘Treating the person not the disease’ to my parents I said to them, I hoped this finds a place of understanding while they were reading. I also care to say this to whom is reading now.

Treating the person not the disease.

Joanna 888

Melbourne, Australia

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