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Joan A Hamilton has been painting with Corel Painter for ten years, four of them almost exclusively with the watercolour variants found in Painter. Custom Brush Sets created by Painter Masters John Derry and Skip Allen are also heavily featured in her work and tutorials.
Joan’s watercolours have been enjoyed in online galleries and private homes since she first began with Corel Painter 9. Her work has been described as elegant, yet down to earth. Clean colours and details are her signature style. She is constantly developing new ways to add the characteristic visual language of watercolour to her digitally painted watercolours.
Her website is enjoyed by many serious digital painting hobbyists and digital painting teachers. Teaching her techniques has been the focal point of Joan’s personal blog.

It overflows with tips, demos and tutorials. Detailed screen captures with written explanations and videos on painting watercolours digitally.

My personal website/blog

Currently teaching digital watercolours online at “Digital Art Academy”

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