Grangemouth, United Kingdom

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A Scottish guy who likes takin photies o his beloved country… Slainte

ma wee scottish history photies o scotlands wonderful past

dinny copy ma photies or ye will get skelped by a claymore

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Two pillows sold

Well someone has bought two pillows of dunnator castle …really chuffed ta whoever it was and may yer bum have many happy hours oan / ma pillows cheers
Posted 14 days – 8 comments

Scottish photographers

youtube.url: / just a wee thing i did to annoy my mates in oor wee camera club / appologies in advance for the lingo, especially my maw !
Posted 3 months – 7 comments

sold an aye phone cover

well ma wee aye phone cover is provin tae be popular still sold yin last week tae someone , so ta very much whoever ye ur luv ye loads cheers !
Posted 6 months – 14 comments

an ode tae ma maw

Thought i would dae a wee poem for ma maw who gives me a hard time for usin naughty words oan here, she even appologises tae her pals on who look at ma stuff i will leave the sweary words oot an you cn fill in the blanks that way i dinny get a row and its you lot who can get a roastin frae her! / its no been easy bein me / cos i wis younest o siblings three / av twa big sisters and a maw …
Posted 7 months – 18 comments