50 things in a day in the life o puppies

its a dugs life!
1 sometime between dad goin tae bed an 6 am yin o us pees in the kitchen
2 6.05 am hide under table when dad comes doon the stair cos yin o us hus peed in the kitchen
3 6.10 hide under table while dad swears and mops up pee in kitchen
4 6.15 go intae van tae go a walk up the golf course
5. 6.16 jump intae front o van and lick dad tae death while climbin all over him
6 6.17 get chucked oot o front o van back intae the back
7 6.25 arrive at golf course an knock dad doon jumpin oot the van
8 6.30 dig up every bunker at the 5th,8th,9th, 12th, &13th hole oan the golf course
9 6.40yin o us does a poo oan the 14th green at golf course
10 6.45 eat tons o rabbit poo
11 650 re dig up the bunkers dad has spent the last 15 minuites tryin tae rake
12 6,55 run up tae two unsuspectin early golfers an make them nearly shite themselves
13 6.57 hide behind dad from two swearin golfers
14 7,00 run awa frae dad when hes tryin tae get us back in the van
15 7.05 come back tae dad an give him a lick cos hes now in tears
16 7.08 jump intae van
17 7,09climb intae front o van and upset dad again
18 7.10 get chucked intae back o van
19 7.20 arrive hame for breakfast
20 7.21 jamie gets shouted at cos he took 15 seconds tae eat his breakfast and is now tryin tae scoff everybody elses
21 7.27 dae a poo in the garden instead o oot ma walk
22 7.35 pinch dads piece oan bacon frae the kitchen
23 7.36 get shouted at for stealin dads piece
24 7.40 get chucked oot the kitchen for tryin tae knick mums breakfast
25 7.45 hoover the coco pops that fiona has dropped all over the dinnin room floor
26 7.50 jump oan dad an get paw prints oan his nice clean works shirt
27 7.51 sleep
28 7.52 wake up
29 7.53 dig a hole ye could pit a t- rex in in the garden
30 7.59 pee oan mums beddin plants
31 12.30 dad comes home for lunch
32 12.31 jump oan dad an give his latest clean shirt matchin paw prints
33 1240 try an eat dads dinner
34 12 41 try an eat mums dinner
35 12 42 eat fionas dinner an get shouted at
36 12 55 give dad a shite the size o an elephant poo tae pick up in the garden
37 1.00 run roond the garden at a hunner mile a hour squashin aw mums bluebells
38 1,05 lick mum cos shes greetin noo
39 1.10 sleep
40 1.11 wake up
41 4.45 go intae van for a walk up the woods
42 4,46 get chucked back intae back o van
43 4,55 arrive at woods an flatten dad or mum again
44 4,56 chase a lassie oan a horse
45 6.00 arrive hame an huv tea
46 6.01 jamie gets shouted at again for tryin tae eat everyones tea
47 6.10 dae a poo in the garden cos we dinny fancy doin it up the woods
48 6.45 stick oor heeds in the dishwasher tae lick the plates
49 6.45- midnight reek general havoc aroond the hoose eatin shoes chewin furniture diggin up the garden pulin oor bed covers ootside just run o the mill destruction
50 midnight- lick dad goodnight
puppies why dae wee bother!

50 things in a day in the life o puppies


Grangemouth, United Kingdom

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