pink floyd chaos! -seamus by joak

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pink floyd chaos! -seamus by 

i ken whit yer thinkin whit the hell hus this crappy photy got tae dae wi pink floyd ..picture the scene..a guid day oan the beach ,dugs runnin free naebody aboot 2 hours o freedom..loads o fresh air an no a care in the world..a wee sit doon on the sand dunes an then intae the van for a wee jaunt hame frae st andrews listenin tae some tunes , its aw goin great dugs are knackered an sleepin in the back, some nice wee peaceful tunes oan the roads nice an quiet, heaven..check oot the next tune Floyd that will dae fine…seamus….nice bit o blues guitar …..slow an moody ….then the dug oan the track starts howlin…..first sign o trouble ….twa pup heeds up frae a deep sleep …millie" jamie wake up theres another dug in the van"…jamie “magic whaur aboot”..millie “well its no in here it must be in the front aside dad”…jamie “lets find it”..twa big eejits tryin tae get intae the front o berlingo van tae find a dug that isny there…canny reach the cd tae turn it aff..jamies oan ma heed noo ..millies lickin ma tryin tae drive. am shoutin get aff ya pair o nutters …millies gettin grumpy at jamie cos shes gettin squashed am gettin grumpy at baith o them cos me an twa deerhounds dinny fit intae the front o a berlingo..thank god the track only lasts aboot 3 minuites!…..never again!.its no often ye can say pink floyd ruined a chill oot day!


beach, deerhounds, pink floyd, st andrews


  • salsbells69
    salsbells69over 4 years ago

    PMSL!!! Great little travel story!

  • lol cheers pal

    – joak

  • DoreenPhillips
    DoreenPhillipsover 4 years ago

    ahahaha……Brilliant Joak…….yir wee story and your Image…

  • cheers .whit a!

    – joak

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jacksonover 4 years ago

    You had me in stitches Joak, I could picture the dogs, on your head trying to find the “non existent dog”, and 3 mins. can feel like a lot longer. happens to me all the time, but I’m in the loungeroom with the tv on and the dogs hear a bark and you can’t stop them replying. Hilarious Joak, and those two look as though they were having a really fun time in the sand there, great shot Joak :o)

  • ta josie ..i thought a wis gonny die!

    – joak

  • Carla Maloco
    Carla Malocoover 4 years ago

    Great shot.Love your wee story,had a laugh,I could just picture this scene.Take Care Carla.

  • aye it was chaos pal ! cheers!

    – joak

  • adgray
    adgrayover 4 years ago

    LOL I can picture it and all! lol
    What a pile of fluff and nonsense you three are!
    Legs and tongues and waving arms and sand all over the place!!!
    a paw on the horn and the van weaving side to side!!!
    Not to mention that faint whiff of something dead and briny that one of them found in the dunes to roll in …. and you with yer kilt all skewiff! …. LOL
    I can just picture the news headlines now
    Strange accident – Sober man rolls van on the dead flat road not a witness in sight and two hounds howling at the radio!
    lol I bet that took a dram or two to recover from! LOL
    Thanks for the laugh to send me off to my bed! Ü
    Chookas Sweetman! ♥Ü♥

  • who said anythin aboot bein sober! only werny far wrang wi the rest o it though!

    – joak

  • Krys Bailey
    Krys Baileyover 4 years ago

    Hahaha!!! Try them on some Lady Gaga next time!!! ;o)))

  • help i wid huv jumped oot the van if she hud came on ma cd!

    – joak

  • Pagly4u
    Pagly4uover 4 years ago

    Repeat what adgray said fer me…toooooo…lol cant stop laughing to type…lolol

  • lol halo pal glad ye enjoyed it!

    – joak

  • BronReid
    BronReidover 4 years ago

    Ha, that’s excellent! And me, a huge Pink Floyd fan, just played the clip to my dogs and being Cavalier KC Spaniels, they don’t speak deerhound, so one didn’t even wake up and the other looked just politely interested… phew, my lounge room is still intact! Cute idea, keep up the good work! Bron

  • halo bron guid tae see ye yer wee cavaliers are to clever tae be fooled by cds!..cheers pal

    – joak

  • flame7
    flame7over 4 years ago

    Oh god thats hillarious!!!!!!!!!!! ROFPMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))

  • lol it wisny funny for me!!..bloody daft big shites!

    – joak

  • linifer
    liniferover 4 years ago

    Hee hee!!!!!!

  • halo pal great tae se ye again

    – joak

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