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lol this is really pants now!

dae the folk at red bub no take a wee dram noo an again..are they aw tea total?…its aw right for them no havin real jobs an gettin bored ..whits happenin today bruce..nothin much cober…ach lets fart aboot wi red bub change everythin an watch they daft scottish folk that like the whisky to much try tae find thier stuff…well bugger aff i dinny care if i dinny find ma stuff cos its aw shite anyway..its like bloody hide an seek here noo ..richt hide yer ayes an coont tae ten an we will hide aw yer bubble pals an see if ye can find them…and if ye sell onythin ye will never ken cos these buggers huv hidden yer cash in a wee drawer in the red bub basement that ye will never find..diny ken why am writin this cos naebody will see it…HALO IS THERE ANYBODY OOT THERE?


  • Lissywitch
    Lissywitchover 2 years ago

    whoo Joak I’m here…I got lost a wee while back ….about 15 hours back to be exact, and just emerged again :-))
    I found everything, thanks to a little help button at the bottom of every page. Was a bit of a nightmare maze to start off with, but once I hacked down a couple of pesky bushes, I found all me work and me bubble mates still here :))

  • yea av got a pal thats found me!…lol noo whaurs that help button!

    – joak

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 2 years ago

    I’m here my friend and I can totally agree with you. Red Bubble has really out done themselves with all these changes. If you can find your way to my post “Regret” there are a lot of tutorials listed which you will find helpful. The biggest help to me was finding the activity feed, it’s right above the pictures on the main screen and it says “Activity” there. Someone had to point it out to me this morning as I was about to go out of my mind trying desparately to find my way around this daft place. LOL Good luck to you pal and hope to see you soon.

  • halo mate got yer b mail and am tryin tae find ma way aboot…hud a couple o glenmorangies so i might struggle!…lol..ach it keeps yer brain active i suppose!

    – joak

  • Garth Smith
    Garth Smithover 2 years ago

    Yes Joak – the bubble motto seems to be – “If it ain’t broke – fix it”

  • lol aye i thought i left cooncil mentality at work an didny want it at hame!,,lol

    – joak

  • Agnes McGuinness
    Agnes McGuinnessover 2 years ago

    Thank God you shouted. I thought I was never going to find anyone. Give me a drop o’ what you’re having, and then I’ll not give a It’s terrible, so impersonal. x

  • sorry pal av finished it!..but am here somewhere!

    – joak

  • Photography  by Mathilde
    Photography b...over 2 years ago

    Stumbled over you whilst I was looking for my piccies, Joak – if you see them will you let me know,pal????

    Love this write, my wee friend, thought I was the only one that was ready to cash in my pension but now I know that there are two of use I do feel better – lol

    Good hunting – perhaps Millie and Jamie can suss things out for you – at least they are good at finding sandwiches – lol xx

  • your piccies!.i canny find ma a jamie are to sensible..oan the couch in front o a fire!

    – joak

  • debsphotos
    debsphotosover 2 years ago

    Yep..I’m still here as well Joak…I think!! *-)

  • lol well im not..i think!

    – joak

  • Agnes McGuinness
    Agnes McGuinnessover 2 years ago

    There’s a wee gear thingy underneath My Activity. Click on that and you can make ‘New things from people you follow’ the default when you click on your bubble name. x

  • gear thingy..if i tell the wife i wis lookin at gear oan the internet am finished!

    – joak

  • rjcolby
    rjcolbyover 2 years ago

    Hi Joak. Found the money drawer… Edit your profile and over to the left side in a list of stuff is “Sales History” and it’s all there… All $66 of it. A bit of a puzzle at first, but it’s mostly all there under different rocks this time. Frannie has a good pictorial map.

  • carol brandt
    carol brandtover 2 years ago

    whew! a recognisable name in the mist … now I understand what it’s like to live in a lotta fog!!!!!

  • lol jeez carol am no brainy enough for this!

    – joak

  • tinnieopener
    tinnieopenerover 2 years ago

    Everyone got ambushed Mate……dammed tossers have done it again and thrown a spanner in the works. Makes a bloke want to drink more instead o takin photys for the Bubble…..might try that for a while Joak……Cheers Mate…Lol:o)

  • try both .its always worth a laugh!

    – joak