Grangemouth, United Kingdom

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mair sales!

sold another aye phone cover and a wee card o my new christmas card!…this is great am in the mood tae sell everythin cos am oan a wee roll the noo.anybody wantin a second hand wife shes no bad at cookin an wi a wee kick up the arse can hoover an iron…she scrubs up no bad anaw ..first guid offer secures


  • Karl Williams
    Karl Williams9 months ago

    LOL! Stick with what you’re used to, buddy – a replacement will either wear you out or drive you mad!

  • she does drive me mad!…lol its great tae hear frae ye mate

    – joak

  • twistwashere
    twistwashere9 months ago

    I’ll take her off ya hands Jock , I am sure she will have fun with me .

  • well good luck shes aw yours

    – joak

  • twistwashere
    twistwashere9 months ago

    yeah , I spelt ya name wrong

  • i like jock!.:-)

    – joak

  • salsbells69
    salsbells699 months ago

    Congrats Joak ! !

  • halo sal thank you hope yer doin fine pal

    – joak

  • Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography)
    Vicki Spindler...9 months ago

    Congratulations Joak!!! :))))))) x x x

  • ta vicki pal cheers

    – joak

  • ImagesbyDi
    ImagesbyDi9 months ago

    She probably only makes that haggis and black pudin shit,, no mate, you can keep her!

  • naw she makes a grand bow o cornflakes..anyhow haggis isny shit!…..wash yer mooth oot lassie !

    – joak

  • kalaryder
    kalaryder9 months ago

    Well done on your sales

  • ta muchly kala!

    – joak

  • JRGarland
    JRGarland9 months ago

    Awesome news on the sales. About the wife, if you send her over with a quid I’ll take her off your hands. That’s the best offer I can give.

  • naw yev got it wrang you give me a quid an shes aw yours!

    – joak

  • Ellanita
    Ellanita9 months ago

    You are doing well with your sales, congratulations…..about your wife, well I think you would really miss her if she’s gone Joak….you put a smile on my face every time you send a message my friend….blessings , peace and joy for Christmas and a fabulous New Year with good health and many more sales…..xx

  • aw the best ma wee scone thank you an hope ye huv a lovely time you look like ye make a grand bowl o soup an wee scones are you free? lol

    – joak

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jackson9 months ago

    Congratulations on your sales, well done Joak and you are a naughty boy about your wife, but we know you don’t really mean it, you would be lost without her, you’d never find another like her …..

  • jings i hope in dinny find another yin whit a nightmare!….lol

    – joak