Grangemouth, United Kingdom

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scottish,and awfy proud o it ……if ye need any advice oan whisky im yer man these wee photys below are ma dugs an i love them tae bits

ma wee scottish history photies o scotlands wonderful past

dinny copy ma photies or ye will get skelped by a claymore

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why scotlands games were the best

A wee part time Scottish boxer conquers the comonwealth whether ye like sport or not this wee guy sums up what scotlands al about..winning gold and completely honest and ordinary a wee guy frae the streets o glasgow who even thanks his mum for doin his washin and a wee mention for the wee countrys that dinny have much..brilliant two interviews one right after the fight and one later on please lis…
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It's auld lang syne as in sign no zyne so nae singin the wrang words!

Right aff ye go an sing the richt stuff for new year an huv a guid yin an raise a wee glass tae Scotland for me slainte! / Should auld acquaintance be forgot, / And never brought to mind? / Should auld acquaintance be forgot, / And auld lang syne! / Chorus: For auld lang syne, my dear, / For auld lang syne. / We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, / For a…
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happy christmas frae scotland abody

heres a wee scottish christmas fairy poem tae cheer ye up have a guid day everyone / A SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS FAIRY / A’m a little fairy / On tap o’ the Christmas Tree / It’s no’ a job I fancy / Well how would you like tae be me / Aw tarted up wi’ tinsel / It’s enough to mak ye boak / An a couple o’ jaggy branches / Rammed up the back o’ your frock / A…
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another sale

sold a calender tae some one got enough in the bank noo for a ginormous bottle o laphroaig so i might be to pissed tae comment back!
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