South Melbourne, Australia

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A long time photo-enthusiast, my photo-subject interests are eclectic. Sometimes I like to experiment too! Colour and B+W. Ambient light preferred.

Click the Portfolio tab under my name shown above to get to Available Products and then you’ll see a clickable list of products on offer. All my images have not been made available for the full RB product range.

Photography Studies College, Melbourne; Illustrative Photography,1982

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Glosoli, Space edition — Sarah Brightman from Dream Chaser
Superb album and video.

Here’s my current favourite:

Red + Blue Circles

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Permanent Gallery Feature -- Pebble country two

To me, a simple image taking a poetic-license view of Australian indigenous art. That was my motivation for taking a photograph of this decidedly intriguing tree bark of a nearby tree, turning it around into landscape layout to show a view ‘from above’, much as the highly intuitive Australian Aborigines might see it — pebbles in a flat country with some smaller hills and dry cre…
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10 Copyright Myths, Linking Rights on the Net

Old-ish but relevant articles, written in a style easy for us laymen to comprehend. / 10 Copyright Myths Explained / Linking Rights (on the internet)
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In the years I’ve been on RB, I never had the expectation to be Featured in any of the Groups I had joined, let alone anything more. So, it is with humble pride that I can tell you that with Labyrinth being Featured in the Black with a Hint of Colour Group, I was also inducted into the Featured Members of the group, which appears on the Group’s home page.. / Dear Group: Thank you for …
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'Hearts' Tall Mug by Hugh Fathers

RB artist Hugh Fathers resides in Western Australia and is surviving on a disability pension, a tough gig! His outlet is creating wonderful surreal works on his set of equipment that is just too techno-nerd for me to comprehend. But I like his works, that’s all that matters to me. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I bought myself a gift of his work Hearts as a tall mug. My first suc…
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