My greatest inspiration has been the observation of events happening around me.
I try to keep everything to the minimum. Well, I try to…
I am not a painter, nor an artist, but i tell myself that I can be whatever I want to be.

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it is the weather and the time

Maybe it’s just the time I have that I am able to upload many designs over the last couple of days. I have never spent so much time on one thing in a day for a long time. It’s always do this… 2 hours.. ok time to do something else.. another 2 hours.. ok i’m bored.. 10 mins.. lets start on this… 15 mins.. sleep… / So i think it’s the weather, stopping me f…
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I'm glad

Wow. The first time my work has ever been featured on anything. iDunno was featured on the homepage. I feel honored. Thanks guys for checking out my designs and adding them to your favourites. / Now, it’s time to make money!
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