I need to get this out

I try to do the right thing for family and friends, the environment, our community. It doesn’t take legislation (more government) to mandate decent corporate behavior; look at Ben & Jerry’s, for example. But laws that prevented excess and abuse were repealed and the Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights citizens have. Now we have the biggest crisis in social injustice ever in this country. Real unemployment at the same level as the Depression. One in seven families qualify for federal food assistance. If you don’t think you know someone who is hurting, it’s because they’re not telling. Poverty, financial distress, food insecurity, underemployment — call it what you want — is humiliating. We must have a balance of power between government and industry, because industry has proven it cannot be trusted when given the keys to the candy store. In solidarity WE THE PEOPLE MUST DEMAND CHANGE, OR WE WILL CHANGE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THAT POWER.


  • shadowlea
    shadowleaover 3 years ago

    something I have saying for a long time….truth is it is up to us the people, we have the power to stop the corruption world wide….if you have a look at places like Syria were there is on going violence between the powers that be there it is sad that death is the price the people are paying for simple freedom….from evil…but if we do nothing…there is no one to blame but ourselves….time to wake up….the governments are supposed to be the servants of the people …not the other way around…..great writing

  • artwin1
    artwin1over 3 years ago

    AGREED, 100%

  • Mitchell Tillison
    Mitchell Tillisonover 3 years ago

    You are on the money, LB.

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelover 3 years ago

    AGree. Corporations have gotten increasing rights, and gotten out of more and more regulation in the name of “getting big govt out of our lives.” When they say “our lives” they mean theirs, and they mean getting rid of accountability for corporations. It has nothing to do with simplifying our lives. Same goes for the corporate supported tort reform. The fact that so few people see it as the ruse it is, tells me how many people do not have any real experience with the legal system, or they’d see it for the sham it is, again designed to protect corporations from accountability. The Supreme Court has made some very “business friendly” decisions lately that are giving corporations more rights than people. Thru money influence, these special interest groups virtually ARE the government now.

  • Keith Reesor
    Keith Reesorover 3 years ago

    Great job Jeff!! :)

  • Ann Morgan
    Ann Morganover 3 years ago

    THE people could be a force if they got it together somehow to boycott certain companies. Coke knows how to make money. If people would stop buying coke products of which there are tons, that would hurt them. BUt most people are not aware of what other products Coke sells. One of their top executives,
    Clyde C. Tuggle Senior Vice President, Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer of The Coca-Cola Company is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. What’s that all about? Control.

    There are so many corporations that would be affected if people stopped buying their stuff and bought local instead. But the sheeple keep feeding their money to the big corps. Who knows how to stop this? There are ways but how do you get them to happen.

    The top CEOs of the biggest corporations, play musical chairs.as they go from head of a corporation that make chemicals that make us sick and then to a top position at the FDA, then to a pharmaceutical company to sell you the pills that cover your symptoms from the chemicals that made you sick in the first place.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents.