St Leonards on Sea, United Kingdom

2011 - Blipfoto and Facebook

Long time since I wrote here, mainly because I’ve been constantly busy and finding it hard to shoot around living the rest of my life. BUT I’ve AGAIN decided to work harder on my photography, so at the beginning on 2011 I joined Blipfoto and have been making sure I shoot every single day; sometimes the images are great and other times just plain mundane but at least its making me work to find different subjects and ways to shoot every day, here’s my page: JJFA | Blipfoto

I’ve also decided to get myself a Facebook Fan Page: JJFA | Facebook. Where I will be posting links to my Blipfoto, Redbubble etc and showing off works in progress like my Digital Grain Collection which I’ll post on Redbubble at the end of the year (if it turns out the way I want!)

Anyway, that’s it, just wanted to let you know about these other places and my reasons for using them… :-)

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