Jip v K

Jip v K

Zevenaar, Netherlands

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I like to create a T-Shirt once in a while, or a iPhone case. But most of my work on here is photographic.

I photograph, take pictures with a Messsucher kamera, made by Leica in Germany. In English it’s called a rangefinder camera, with this typ of camera you don’t look through the lens but with a rather cool viewfinder. It makes chosing your composition easier, and focussing is easier then with through the lens style camera’s SLR’s.

It’s also quite small in comparison to a SLR/DSLR, weighs quite more then you would think has almost no buttons, and makes you take photos in a whole different way.

I do as little post processing as possible, what I shoot is what I post!

If you wonder what gear I’ve used on a specific picture, click the discription, you’ll see a picture of the camera and the lens used.

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