For a Moment

For a Moment

Sometimes it comes together,
and you taste the wholeness of it all…
the marigolds blooming
in concert with the mums,
the prayers you whisper
for those you love,
the October tang of cider,
rocks bruising
in the creek.
You are washed with something
more than you can hold.
Nearly forgotten memories
catch within your lungs.
For a moment,
caught in sunlight,
you believe there may be beauty
in your fading exhaled words.

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I am back.

After being away from Redbubble for a couple of hectic months, I am pleased to be back. I can’t wait to see all the new work coming in. / Jing
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Viewing favorites

How do we view our favorites now?
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I am very honored to be the featured artist in the Tools group for the month of August.
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Made it to the Home Page

I am excited that one of my images is on the home page today.
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