Well, after something of a break from uploading here (Uni work, New computer etc etc), I’ve got a bit of a series to show y’all. I have something of an interest in empty, lonely places – abandoned buildings, empty construction sites and the like. Caribbean Gardens, in Melbourne’s outer Eastern suburbs, is one such place. Originally built in the 1970s, Caribbean is marketed as a combination market and amusement park, centred around an artificial lake.The reality, however, is that Caribbean Gardens feels well and truly stuck in the past – from the fibreglass animals on the ‘Jungle Cruise’ Boat Ride to the retro fast-food kiosk, to the pure 1970s soundtrack piped through speakers throughout the gardens (including such classics as a pan-pipe version o…

Real Photography Comp :D

Well, after the maddening wait of the last couple days, the Real Photography Comp winners were announced today – I was thrilled to have my entry in the runners up mix.
Admittedly, I’m sure the other winners of the B&W category got an inkling when their shots appeared in Brian Murray’s favourites. a couple of days ago. Either way, I’ve loved checking out all the great entries in this category, and a big thanks to Brian and the Redbubble staff for this great competition.