Well, after something of a break from uploading here (Uni work, New computer etc etc), I’ve got a bit of a series to show y’all. I have something of an interest in empty, lonely places – abandoned buildings, empty construction sites and the like. Caribbean Gardens, in Melbourne’s outer Eastern suburbs, is one such place. Originally built in the 1970s, Caribbean is marketed as a combination market and amusement park, centred around an artificial lake.The reality, however, is that Caribbean Gardens feels well and truly stuck in the past – from the fibreglass animals on the ‘Jungle Cruise’ Boat Ride to the retro fast-food kiosk, to the pure 1970s soundtrack piped through speakers throughout the gardens (including such classics as a pan-pipe version of ’Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’). It’s a a wierd place. And that’s just the start – there are WW2 tanks, a WW1 cannon, 2 aviaries filled with cockatoos, a waterski jump, ‘Japanese’ gardens, a 5 kilometre kiddy-train loop and more. At any rate, paying a visit there, I always feel as if I’m in some kind of post-apocalyptic soviet landscape – like Chernobyl after the nuclear accident there, or an abandoned town in far-eastern Siberia.
So I’ve put together a little series of photos from Caribbean, trying to convey what a wierd place it is, and the vibe I get from going there. 6 shots at the moment – though there may be more forthcoming when I get them looking right.

Edit: Except uploading appears to be not working. Argh! Will try again later.

Edit: Working now! all 6 are upload for your perusal.

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